Shroud Twitch Stream Recap – Friday 6/29/18

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Today, Friday 6/29/18, shroud began his 12-hour stream giving away 24 laptops! That’s one laptop every 1/2 hour! The laptops are Dell Inspiron and the link to join the giveaway can be found right here ( SPIN2WIN!

The laptop specs can be found here:

Stream notes:

  • Playing PUBG, he played Bustin makes me feel good. Twice.

  • Played PUBG duos with Choco for the first 3 hours of his stream trying to complete more items in the PUBG Event Pass: Sanhok challenge.
  • Played PUBG in black and white Jailbreaker skins.
  • Took Troy out for an emergency (bathroom break)
  • 1400 subs in the first 3.5 hours
  • He’s on week 2 of Event Pass: SANHOK – said week 1 was pretty easy to complete
  • Talked a lot about how important hardware is for gaming especially for shooting games, i.e. the difference between 60mhz monitors vs. 144mhz monitors, 60FPS vs 100FPS
  • Shroud skins extended 5 days – 6 days left to buy Ghosted Crates and skins (only buy in-game is working)
  • Chad stream-sniped – check out the clip: CHAD WENT WILD LOL
  • The high donor for the day: maquae $1120!
  • Played Battlefield 5 – Closed Alpha – he had to disable DirectX 12, dropped down to DirectX 11 (said he didn’t see a difference in game quality).
  • Said flying in planes not his thing in BF5.
  • Said bombers are mostly useless.
  • Prefers BF5 over BF4 (f’n nightmare!).
  • He’s a little bummed there’s only one map available in the closed alpha
  • Ordered some food (California burrito)
  • Said he has a lot of BF5 codes to give away but he’s going to give to friends before viewers.
  • Just9n showed shroud a clip of the Twitch Rivals competition yesterday where he was the victim of horrendous clipping/lag – does anyone have the clip?
  • Crazy amount of subs today 4142, one of his biggest sub days ever.
  • Went back to playing PUBG solos
  • We learned a little about the stream-sniper named WanTep – he’s 130cm – he’s 13 years old, his parents know he is playing with shroud (but they don’t know about the word on the street). WanTep is from Texas. Said, “I was in EU”. Shroud thinks it doesn’t add up.
  • He doesn’t remember much of his childhood.
  • Says becoming a successful streamer has a lot to do with luck. Getting hosted, being in the right place at the right time.
  • Played PUBG rap song
  • Said IRL he doesn’t conceal carry but don’t run up and hug him without saying anything.
  • He’s lived in the U.S. for 3 years now. He’s not going to be a U.S. citizen for a long time. Moved to Cali mainly because of C9 team house. Then met Jess…
  • He’ll be back on tomorrow (Saturday 6/30)

Laptop Winners:

(Out of over 113K entries) (RIGGED!):

ActiveKing, yoo_senpai, Nwestnerd, anderslund14, strellyman, im_haiawata, jtsprime, ducttapee, papi_chulo____, aluzja_, kenshie_liqueur, marox44, doxigamingil, judgerino, nduuubs, fluffytaterz, zetzuk, Muneebkhalil1, disinf3ct, mantazzz9512, saycarramrod, socjk18, nedmac819 and houie. Congrats to all the winners!

Twitch Rivals Duos Competition Results from 6/28/19

  1. Shroud/Just9n: $6,900
  2. JoshOG/ Chad: $6,200
  3. lumi /Ashek: $5,900
  4. Acculite/fugglet: $4,550
  5. chocotaco/Swagger: $3,950
  6. MonsterDFace/MarkstromTV: $3,800
  7. Holo/7oxRL: $3,250
  8. drdisrespectlive/tsm_viss: $3,200
  9. Slade/1ceprime: $3,150
  10. ShortyGuy/GiantWaffle: $3,000
  11. Avajaijai/thejameskingston: $2,950
  12. Sequisha/NuisanceD: $2,950
  13. grimmmz/Anthony_Kongphan: $2,600
  14. Gunz/Ninja_with_no_L: $2,550
  15. quarterjade/Presidentneeks
  16. JasonSculli/Fluck: $2,150

Ended stream with Hail To the King – Avenged Sevenfold



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