Shroud Twitch Stream Recap – 8/26/18 – SCUM, Last Tide

Stream start 9:30AM PST - Scum - Early access - with anyTHING (Jeremy)

All credit goes to

Ok my guy (character) is a little thick. He may be a little slow but he can punch!

I can run, look at him go!

(Connection lost 2 x ) Maybe I should play single player because I can’t stay connected in multiplayer.

Is there wild life? Is there A.I? Hey I got 1 fame point. Hey there’s a map! I didn’t expect there to be a map honestly.

I swear if it DC’s one more time bro. He’s going to become slim again with all that jogging. hehe.

Well we got a shotgun but no ammo for it. At least you regain your stamina pretty quick.

Game looks pretty good, like OK-ish looks alright, nothing special. They focused on character models. I probably should have built my model to be fit. Maybe it will help me.

I can’t hold shit. F’n Crocks. No one wears crocks. It’s 2018! Energy? I don’t have anything to eat. I’m probably going to die. Do I die instantly? A candle. Can I eat a candle? An egg (eats) haha nothing like some raw eggs. Please give me something real to eat. What’s that? (finds cabbage and eats it.) My eating speed maxed out. What did that do for me? Anything? Not really. I feel like cabbage isn’t going to help me. Parsley. I don’t want to eat it all. Can I cancel? I think I made my character too fat.

I’m going to go there after I eat a few more cucumbers.

C’mon bro. I think if you eat too much, too fat. You’re fine. (clip)

I’m hungry, I know not much we can do about it. I need many things. I feel like the loot is bad or I’m unlucky. This dude is an absolute unit. Thanks man. I’m going to be alive for not even a day.

Look at this place, there’s bound to be food in here!

The game Disconnected – Goddamnit! I’m all the way back here!

This is not BR, this is more like DayZ. Think of this as uh..

We’re going to this compound and get spaghetti-o’s a shotgun, a backpack. What the? There’s a f’n robot in there! Let’s go fat man! How is there nothing in the fridge? MP5 mag. A bag! Haha we’re going to make it. I have really high stealth for a fat man. I’m stealthy. Would you like to try this game Jeremy? I have a code for you. Well we got a gun now. A work jacket! It’s happening! It’s DayZ.

Yes (found food) (clip)

(Gets shot by robot sentry & dies)

Oh god I thought I’d have a new character. How do I get  re-do? They throw zombies at you too. Oh god I’m at the bottom of the map. You have to leave to delete your character? It’s really weird how you run. You use mouse wheel up.

How do I take a shit chat? There’s events? Team death-match. Entry fee 10 fame points. Fame points is like your currency. Don’t mess with the robots. I shouldn’t have ever died. But I did it for the content.

Yes! My little pony backpack. Looks so stupid ha ha. I think a lot of the animations don’t even exist and have place-holders. Oh shit you can vault!

I’m taking a shit in the tub. Ha ha ha! At least I shit in the tub an not just out and about (pisses in tub too) ha ha. When you gotta go you gotta go. Bro I still don’t have food.

(Disconnected again) We lost our pink jacket. Well I’m sad. I wonder if the loot is the same in the same spot. God I’m so lost. It’s kind of tedious looking through everything.

This game is kind of cool. There’s a lot of people on this server. I feel like I have to know what server I’m in. Is there a way of checking?

Ha ha look at my character.

Keep the fat boy or new character, chat?

I feel like there’s going to be a meta in this game. This is where I spawned last time. I found rifles more than pistols. Damn I spawned so far up. This match is huge! I wonder if there are vehicles in the build?

Oh there’s cooking.

I feel like when this game comes out in the future there won’t be a map. Is there an auto-run? I would hope so. I’m excited for 1st person only servers.

Seems way easier to find loot than DayZ.

Zombie’s come at night. Military base is down by B3.

Come on man. You’re hitting the seat! My character looks ridiculous.

I found some cereal! Oh there’s a guy here! I can’t stop! I’m going to die! Hello? Do you have a can opener? Once the robot spots you it will one-shot you.

Zombie! Ah shit! (Climbs up ladder) You’ll never get me up here!

An MP5! There’s a guy next to me.

Goes AFK to answer door 11:00AM PST

I’ll be right back.

This game is so strange, it’s like DayZ. It really wants people to fight. There are events.

The server Disconnected again. (Respawns) Well the weather is nice now.

Holey Shit this backpack is huge! Damn I don’t have ammo anymore. My character is actually doing really well!

Yes. Alright we got our ammo back. I’m pretty sure your weapon quick access is bugged.

I like the movement in this game. This is pretty much DayZ 2.0. But it looks like it has more arcade-y type stuff.

How do you get fame? This dude has 335 fame (Mike has 2 fame.)

I have an MP5, but I can only shoot 1 bullet at a time. Because I don’t have a mag.

Oh there’s an airfield in B1. You can use fame to buy stuff back if you die.

There you are (anyTHING)! Damn it’s laggy.

Yeah game’s cool. It’s going to be hard to shoot people with lag like this. We should try to find an animal and kill it with your .22.

Server disconnect again.

I found more 9 mm ammo. Apparently the company tweeted about 30 minutes ago and are working on it (the disconnects). Bro I have 30 shells. If you want a shotgun, man. I think you left it in the police station. Food struggle, man that’s all this game is. It’s always something.

Get me outta here!

(They meet up with 2 other random people) Is that shroud!? If you search the zombie, all his stuff pops out onto the ground.

Don’t mind me just cutting up some zombie meat. Guts, arm, leg, guts, guts…

I think there is a memory leak. After a Disconnect my frames are ok at 130 then get progressively worse.

Oh you left click on the knife, then left click on a can of food you can open it. Then right-click on the can to eat. Ohhh.

(looting a mil base) There’s a drone! I’m trying to single shot the drone! (Jeremy dies) I’m dead Mike. The robot peeks me through a crack. I trying to find your body. I want your backpack but it will take forever to loot.

I don’t have any Kar ammo. How many times do I have to tell you this? I have no food. My frames have been slowly fading away (down to 45).

I feel like you can get geared up pretty quickly unlike DayZ.

Coffee Break AFK 12:50PM PST

Yeah the loot there is crazy, I’m trying to make my way to the airfield. My food is really good. That MRE is still in my system, just chillin.

Oh I don’t need so much gunpowder. I think I have to keep the toolbox in my hand. Oh It’s 4 slots. No it isn’t it’s 6.

You can make wild fires. You can burn some shit down!

That’s how you get fame, the more crafting you do. The way the map is designed is really cool for sniping. Shelter is a squad spawn point.

The game is interesting for sure. They have a realistic nutrition monitor, but they have so many arcade elements. I don’t know what they’re going for. Now it looks like they want a more arcade-style DayZ.

Accidentally killed Vader (clip)

You can respawn on a Squad, or respawn on person. I just want to go out with a bang and stop playing. It’s cool though, I like it.

I’m coming for that ass! (clip)

Did you meet my friend? (clip)

119 Fame Points

Troy yelps: Uh oh, I gotta go AFK - The puppy's more important than the game! 3:15 PM PST

I can spawn right outside of here for 75 fame points.

Peeing on Shroud (clip)

I’m logging out and logging in to fix my FPS. (leaves game at 45 FPS, rejoins at 95FPS)

Zero kills? What do you mean? I’ve gotten so many kills it’s bugged.

I’m going to start a team deathmatch, blueteam. Alright so we’re going to try this deathmatch system.

Woah, this is dope! I got a flashlight on my head. This is cool!

We’re going AK baby!

This has nothing to do with survival. Bro, I got a drone on me! You earn fame points if you win. We traded (simultaneous deaths)! You can trade in this game. This is like the worst gun play I’ve ever seen. Dude it is bad. I just head shot that guy.

This is a cool idea though. People are just teleporting.

You don’t even have to play scum you can just Team Death Match. My fame doubled.


This is so f’n wrong dude.

I don’t think I can play another hour of this. The fame points are cool. I played that game for 7 hours. I probably won’t play again until the update happens. Server performance is probably one of the worst. It probably won’t play well until 3 years from now. It’s a good meme game. $20 is not bad that’s ok.

Now we’re playing another BR game, Last Tide.

Last Tide Battle Royale 5:00PM PST

This is my first game, will give it whirl. God the mouse movement feels so weird in this game.

This BR is crazy because you can’t see far. This is so weird. He’s got a sniper? How do I make it burst? Oh (B). First it was sniper, then shotgun, then sniper again.

There’s a boat! Gimme loot gimme gimme gimme loot. I guess when you hit them it reveals them? I thought that’s what the flare was for. I have a tracker barrel? Ohhh. Ohhhhhhhh. That’s what that does.

Interesting game. I feel like they need a way to speed up movement? Maybe fly?

I need to go AFK (5:34PM PST)

Cyberpunk 2077 walk-through

Ok! Borderlands. That’s cool (slowmo). Oh god, TOS, TOS!

This looks like Borderlands. This game is definitely going to be streamed on twitch. Sex scenes, boobs and titties. Nobody looks around like that but this is kinda cool.

This game is going to probably be pretty sick. Yeah there’s nudity in a lot of games. It’s fine in stream so why not a trailer? I hate the slow pan. It makes me cringe when I see a slow pan I f’n hate it.

I wonder if you can drive in this game? Who walks in this game though.

Stream end 6:00 PM PST

Shroud Twitch Stream Recap 8/23/18 – PUBG Twitch Stream Rivals

All credit goes to

“2 hour troll practice session before twitch rivals.”

Stream Start 12:30PM PST PUBG Duos with J9

That player was b-hopping. You know if they bhop right they’re a good player.

I need to go afk in about 9 minutes

Justin is hating because I got 2 hours of sleep (WOW).

I grinded WOW yesterday about 4 hours. I wanted to keep playing but I was like nope, got to keep my sleep schedule. A total of 10 hours of gaming. If you just play 4 hours of something, then ok, that’s not a lot.

Troy came by for a second, hit my leg, said hi and then he went away.

J9: Look at this map (Miramar) Looks so f’n weird

We should do crate training. It’s just I’m always here and I can watch him. Troy is the most chill husky ever. Just because you get a husky, doesn’t mean he’ll be a, you know, husky. Stereotype of breed. I hate when people stereotype pit bulls. They’re not evil. It’s not the pit bull that is aggressive, it’s the owners. Right?

J9 said he’s just going to chill until twitch rivals. This is so annoying (stream sniper). It’s more instructing them (pubg) how to ban them. The fun ones can hurt the integrity of the game though. The 30k viewers might think the fun ones are what the game is all about. It’s a good and bad thing.

10 minutes is the max delay.

I love Rust. I played rust so much. We still had stream snipers and we decided to make our own server named RustLife. We banned the stream snipers but it caused so much drama we had to close down our server. Twitch chat and everyone else got pissy we were doing that.

That gun is not good. (new QBUZ) It’s just not good. I think if I had an M4 I could have killed both those guys.

I was wondering if it was possible to cycle through all 100 new players every game? There’s some stuff you can do to help with stream snipers. But you’ll never get rid of them completely.

J9 is throwing up? You mean he’s going to the bathroom an you’re being dramatic? He’s definately sick with something. He’s been like this for a while. Constant stomach aches. I don’t think he’s dying. He might have caught something. If I get it I’m not going to PAX.

Oh the recoil! This gun is shit! It’s the worst! We’ll give it another chance, one more time. Needs a comp and a vert. If there’s a gun that NEEDS a comp and a vert, it’s not going to be that sick. I think if you master this gun it could be cool, but it’s hard to control; spray-wise. To be able to trace and spray, that’s the big problem with this gun. The AK you can control even without a comp. It’s too situational.

BRB - AFK 1:55 PM PST - Begin Twitch Rivals Comp

(Chat set to emots only)

Why isn’t the Doc playing? I don’t know, he’s busy doing something else? I almost sat this one out too. J9 is sick he just threw up.

Not a single person landed at military? I was hoping a bunch of people would land here, we’d go down early and we’d just chill heh. I’m kidding.

Haha there’s flares! That’s kind of cool.

Everyone is going to have crate weapons. The bridge looks different. Want to try to shoot a flare? Choco just owned a team.

(J9 shoots a flare.) You have to shoot it straight up. It’s not going to work that way. That’s a dud right there. Feels bad. This shit is resident fn sleeper right now. Should be Sanhok only. Delete these other two.

(shoots h1z1 out of the sky in a motorcycle flip) hahaha It’s BananaMan!

J9: That’s a bummer way to go out.

Mr. Madrinas Died to the Zone! No!

(J9 goes down) Shroud gets 2 kills. They tried a pincher move J9: It’s a shitty-ass game what do you expect? Your’e in a really good spot actually.

Another crate. Get the M249 – no the aug is almighty.

This guy’s trolling he shot the flare at me.

Damn swagger and choco are still up? That’s going to be legit.

I have 1 first aid bro.

Shroud killing to p0me etc.

13 kills


He messed me up on that peak – holey! I told you bro the aug. It’s litterally a laser at any range. 15! J9: holey shit I got one.

1st $1125 per Player 2nd $900 per Player 3rd $750 per Player 4th $650 per Player 5th $600 per Player 6th $550 per Player 7th $500 per Player 8th $475 per Player 9th $450 per Player 10th $400 per Player 11th $350 per Player 12th $300 per Player 13th $275 per Player 14th $250 per Player 15th $225 per Player 16th $200 per Player


Choco: Feels bad. Feels bad indeed.

Shroud: I would have done the same thing as swagger. He knew he was in 1v1 with me. Why would I heal because I would just lose position. It’s hard to think about that stuff when you’re in the zone.

Hanna, you were so close to killing me you were so close. Dillon likes to wear my hoodie. He’s wearing it right now. Avery is wearing my shirt. It’s comfy. It’s cold maybe? If I wore it I would die. I’d rather play shirtless if I could. Maybe one of these days shroud will release a hat. Look, i’m not sure these are your colors.

It’s coming in November. It’s a snap-back. I wish I could wear them. I just look so stupid in hats. I can’t pull them off. I look good in trucker hats.

(Sanhok starting) This is our map! 6x UMP. Everyone’s saying where’s Doc. I only said yes because you were down (J9).

I don’t trust using this new gun right now.

Uh oh I hear Troy’s bell jingling around.

Lexi got killed by holo.

Troy somehow found a way to open my door and sneaking out on the balcony.

He opened my balcony door and he’s sneaking out. I hope he knows its a big drop. He was actually really enjoying himself but I don’t trust him.

Good shit brother we’re getting frags left and right!

Die’s with 28 alive.. I told you. They could have killed us or flanked us but they were hiding. They got me. Now it’s your turn, have fun!

Justin could win, he’;s just as good as me. He’s a little sick though.

6 bullets J9 vs Wadu&Lurn (Clip)

Let’s go dude! THat was insane! How?! How does he live?

Wadu had an M14 and he played that scared?

You would have won. The only threat would have been Ashek and Lumi.

Lumi won!

LastGreyWolf got J9

3:35 PM PST

Twitch Rivals Standings after Round 2

Next Round, Miramar

J9 and Shroud go down early.


God this is going to take sooo lonnngg.

When we play PAX broadcaster royal it’s going to be dumb.

You can’t treat battle royal competitively. There’s no way to make battle royal competitive and fair. They’re just trying to create a different spin on pro gaming I don’t think it works anymore.

I do believe there will be a game that will come out that will work, but it probably won’t feel like BR.

J9- I tried to punch jordan out.

H1Z1 has a decent system for competetive BR. Only 2 weapons, good movement, and pretty good leaderboard, kill multipliers and stuff. You didn’t get points for 1st place, all you get is 2x the points you normally get. It’s not a bad system, it just needs to be fine tuned and tweaked.

Who came?? (Clip)

Banana Man Wins!

We want another puppy. You know me, I’m doing the stream grind. Here’s the good thing 2 dogs they tire eachother out. It’s a lot of work. With training. If you have one adult dog that’s already trained, that’s a little easier. I know we’re getting 2 dogs for sure. Just not sure if we want to do it in this house.

“Minimum of 5 kills or a win is not valid” haha that’s funny, that would force people to fight. This is the 4th game. We’re almost done. I think kills should be favored.

Alright Game 4 on Erangel.

I’m glad we got this car. Do you want to play it safe?

This might be the play, or it might not be the play. J9: I’m scare because my level 1 vest and helmet. S: Welcome to RNG.

Do you want to stop and check the bridge? We can inch up in this car without getting owned.

He’s insane (Clip)

6 kills. Hitting some bangers that’s for sure.

Another chicken dinner!

Now we just need to get a top 10 and we get first. J9 – I just want to go to sleep.

S: We got sooo lucky. We got a good drop, a bunch of loot, took the bridge, flares, 2 AWMs we just go lucky the flare got some much good shit. Luck honestly. We got the circle.

I’m going to watch Jordan, my ex n0thing cloud 9 teammate. Jordan n0thing Gilbert. This man is a living legend. Anyway google search him, he is very … if you’re inspired by me, you’ll get really inspired by Jordan. THe man that inspired me. When I was 10 and he was 14. – you have no idea how nervous I was when I joined that team. How good they were back then in North America. Also Jordan was on the Joe Rogan podcast a couple years ago. He doesn’t get nervous for much but he was nervous the 1st 15 minutes. If you haven’t seen the special with Jordan on the Joe Rogan podcast I suggest you watch it.

It’s funny when I first met him in person we were actually rooming together. I’m like bro, you’re the reason I play CS. You know what, 5 years from now, you’ll be the one that people will be inspired by. I’m like is that true, and he said hell yeah you’re owning. And then we had sex.

(n0thing starts talking to Mike in stream: Mikey, I looked over this rock and I gooshed this guy. (Mike LUL’d) Just like you said I’ve gotten better at the leans).

N0thing: Can I get a 1000 gifted subs from Shroud right now?

Jordan’s still pretty new to PUBG. I hope he wins. If he wins I gift him 200 subs. I haven’t seen Jordan in so long. In person. At the L.A. event at the DeadMou5 event.

We won another twitch rivals event wooo! Who cares. Good job J9 (fist-bumps camera)

(Jordan gets killed: that’s so dumb, he was sitting behind the bar the whole time.)

Jack goes off (clip)

Swag was hiding there since the beginning of the fight. I killed choco. I lost the 1v1. I knew he was in that spot for the whole time. Jordan, you were holding that door hard. You knew he was in that window. Instead of holding door, you lean and 2 tap him. He showed his whole body. If you were holding the angle lean, you don’t lose.

Jerico is still alive. He leans with his character.

Holo’s good at this game. (wins)

haha The hosts are trying to buy time while they figure out standings.

Oh the Tie! That’s crazy! LETS GO! We had 2.7 each? That’s great! Me justin holo lawler, all 4 wins 2725 each.

Tie breaker custom game. First time tie for 1st and 2nd. Same exact money. I think holo had more kills.

I had 15, then 6, 1, 9, fifth game I had 1. We got decent kills.

Anyway, tied for 1st. Holo’s a really good player. He wants to shake my hand at PAX. I will. I want to get to know you in a non-weird way.

Twitch chat is so toxic. If you don’t have crazy thick skin, – if I kill you… they get mean. There’s nothing I can do about it.

Wait ELEX came out? What the hell is this game? This game looks kindof cool. Is it good? Summit’s played it?

Checks out Starless Night game (made by someone just out of highschool). I took a peek, I think I’ll pass though. I will buy it and support your game development dream. Who knows he might make new hit game in 2020.

Goes AFK at 6PM PST
Plays Hail to the King

I’m addicted to this game.

6:20PM PST. World of Warcraft

I love wow. I wanted to buy these boots. 355 boots. I bought $100 worth of WOW tokens.

The auction house takes a cut too. I’m paying to win so hard. Call me soda.

You can only buy 5 at a time. Last night when I got off. I kept pressing it, buy now buy now. But I know when I had 5 I couldn’t buy more until I sell them.

I got level 15 heart finally.

I’m a caster. I’m all about casting.

New world quest in 2 minutes? No isn’t it an hour?

Did you know Realm Royale has lost 90% of it’s players?

1800 players omg such a crazy drop

Battled Golanar the river lord

I’m so far behind on rep. I didn’t hit 120 until 4 days later.

Went AFK 8:10PM PST

You know what I should be doing is Random Heroics and Random Dungeon. It’s only 150 but…

I always forget, you can cast while blinking.

Signing off for the night – Mike still on WOW (& Just9n still grindin)

Shroud Twitch Stream Recap 8/20/18 PUBG R6S

Stream start 2:15PM PST

All credit goes to

PUBG Solos

I like Camp Charlie. There’s a lot more cover and buildings, a lot of tall 3 stories. You have these walls here. Camp Charlie, I like it. Probably terrible for snipers.

When does the new (PUBG) update come out? With the scooter? I want to play it, live.

When does the nvidia 2080 come out? Sept 20th?

I can’t image people still on the (nvidia) 750, 780’s. Can you imagine that upgrade? It’s not all about the GPU these days. The graphics card doesn’t make a break or break your whole rig. Like a 1080TI to a 2080TI. It will help but it won’t be doubling your performance. I’m not underestimating the 2080TI. It depends on the application. In most games it’s not going to be like game-changing. It will help, without a doubt. You could get 20-50 which is huge. But most games you’re going to get 20. It will help, it’s going to be a better GPU of course. You’re not going to double your frames, that’s not how it works. It’s not like you’ll get 4x your frames.

I hate the looting animation. That and vaulting.

I saw the RTX Battlefield demo with the lighting effects. That no one is going to use, that they’ll turn off immediately. If it ever gets to the point where they can run at crazy graphics and still get triple digit frames then maybe I’ll enable those settings. They need to find a balance.

Textures is ok It’s ok to enable textures.

You rest your fingers on they keys. On the silvers, you’re going to catch yourself moving left and right. It took me a while to get out of the mentality of resting your fingers on your keys at all. It’s weird you have to use it to understand. The silver switches. I like them though because I feel like my movement is faster. It’s also easier to F up. It’s easy to fat finger. Silver switches is the ultimate fat finger. Typing is more difficult. It is. My typing is terrible on silver switches.

(About new twitch prime ads) They gotta find a way to make money. And make us money. Basically they will Start Sept 14th. If you have twitch prime, you will not have an ad-free experience. If you are subscribed you will not see ads. It makes sense why they’re doing that. How do they sell ad space if they don’t even watch the ads. That helps us as streamers. The downside is you don’t have to watch ads. I guess they never thought twitch prime would get so big.

I got my first job when I was 16 and I probably worked for a month. The rest was just me being solo dolo child. Grandparents hooked it up, parents hooked it up. Sometimes I didn’t eat lunch because I wanted to buy a game. My mom would give me $5 each day. I would pocked the money and not eat. I’d be really hungry. I basically saved my money from birthdays, Christmas whatever. I think Easter my grandparents gave me money. My grandparents gave me a lot of money. They would give me $100 for every occasion. I would just save it. I would buy a new GPU. I was specific with what I wanted. My mom didn’t know what I wanted to buy. Noone did. Except for my Dad.

Look at his health (clip)

The M24 (clip)

I don’t like the movement in this game. The gun-play is great but that’s why they added vaulting. Movement? Pisses me off. Momentum based movement. You build up to your max speed.

I’m going to get a P.O. Box – not open to just everyone. Because people will send me weird shit. But for specific items.

Do I get recognized in public? Depends on where I go. Like every time I go to Disneyland, someone recognizes me. They recognize me from FortNite for some reason.

Alhashmi $500 dono. Yes there will be more watches.

I only got to wear it one day. The worst thing about wearing watches is sweating.

It’s insane how you keep everything private. I’m pretty open. I’d say I’m pretty open. I feel like the only thing I keep private is where I live. I think I have to do that. Jess IRL streams around the house more. I’ll probably do a video of the house before we move. My neighbors don’t know or care about anything. It’s weird nobody cares to know anyone on the street. It’s great actually. Like there’s this one trashcan on the street.

I prefer to have an older following. I feel exactly like ninja. I’d feel kinda wrong being how I am right now saying bs and swearing and talking about cocks if I had a younger community. There’s a much higher average age. That’s fine. I’ll do it all day.

4:00PM PST - PUBG Solos

There’s no way 12 year olds watch me. Maybe 5 to 10 percent. I’d say like 15-16 ok, sure. I’ve done polls. The majority is 20-25.

No I didn’t WOW today. I woke up late. Had to get Troy food and 3, had to send a bunch of emails. I woke up at like 11:30 dude.

I usually wake up at 10 sometimes earlier, sometimes 9. Usually 10 though.

I went to bed at 12:30 – 1 and woke up at 11 and said holey F what is happening.

(World of Warcraft). I’m a horde. I would recommend doing 6 or 7 normals or heroics or mythics. Apparently it’s good Rep. I don’t think it’s worth it to do heroics. Normal’s are not that different in azerite gain.

I’m going to get more coffee (AFK)

4:20 PM PST

Troy never sits behind my chair. I always worry I’m going to run over his tail.

Troy on the loose (clip)

New shirt design.

That shirt will come out in about a week and a half.

I look good, don’t I look good? My character looks good:

The way I normally use the SMG12 is small bursts. (R6S)

Do you guys like Doritos? The beauty of Doritos is you probably haven’t found the flavor you like yet. Try some sweet chili heat.

I wanna play WOW forever. Would you guys follow me if I played WOW only?

That’s going to be the most boring thing you’ve ever watched. Classic WOW. Literally every streamer ever will be playing Vanilla WOW. Yeah you’re in for a real boring treat once it comes out. IT’s going ot be the most resident sleeper ever.

Oof (clip)

Get out of here! (clip)

Jess has great ideas about how to build a brand. I’m just lazy.

‘Doplereffect’ with the 50 donos. $250 donation, thank you man.

Let me drink my coffee (clip)

I don’t know what days I’m going to be a PAX West.

(with 12 left get’s headshot from behind) The amount of times I’ve been killed by M24 today is crazy.


There’s a little end of the year thing we’re doing. Vote for your favs. Yeah Hoodies will be coming out. They’re already made – at least one hoodie. That’s going to probably be around October when it gets a little colder. One pull over. I’m not a big fan of pull overs.

Chat was doing something about cheesecake:

Just9n did not eat the cheesecake (clip)

Shroud also did not eat the cheesecake (clip)

I feel like the only way to break the M24 curse it to use it myself.

(Gets killed by Kar98) – now we’re back to the Kar98. Of course. Now what do I do? Rock the M24/Kar98 combo? To break both curses?

I would never consider streaming on any other platform than twitch. You’d have to have a non-refusable offer. You’d have to leave your whole community behind. Build a whole new sub count. What’s the point? Hopefully they’d pay you enough to secure all that loss. Most of them will not follow you to a different platform. They won’t watch two different platforms. A very small percentage. I think I’d get about a 3 to 5 viewers consistently on a different platform. Maybe. Would you swap for a 1 billion dollar offer?

Have you played the new Ops on rainbow 6? No I don’t want to.

The only time making your own platform would work is if you’re losing your popularity and get ahead of that and see that. And it’s probably even harder to accept. It would just never be worth it.

I’d love to see someone do that. To see how it pays off.

I’ve always sold my old PC parts to my buddies.

I’m actually kind of shocked PUBG figured out how to make it rain outside, but not inside at the same time.

(Gets headshot by KAR98) Nooo! I can’t catch a break!

I have to download 60 GB? (Rainbow 6)

Shroud perfectly explains PUBG

(Plays with Troy for 15 min or so)

AFK for more coffee

RainbowSix Siege 6:45PM PST

I wanna play Soda Poppin. What kind of Ops are these? F yeah America baby!

I do I do, I love America!

This update is kinda cool, I’m down!


ASH has a hitbox… NOT! (Clip)

Win 9 and 3

This update, there is no recoil.

“That AR 15 with a muzzle break looks like a 50 cal. It looks ridiculous”

The new ops are fun. I’ve tried the one, Maverick.

9:45 PM PST Rainbow 6 Siege

Looks like Shroud’s at Level 23 now.

Ended stream by Hosting Thraxitup

I’ll be back on tomorrow. I got a meeting at 10:30. Laaaaaate

Stream End 10:25 PST

Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Sunday 8/19/18

Stream Start 1PM PST

All credit goes to

PUBG Duos with Just9n


2:25 PM PST

J9: I neck shot him with the pan!

S: I wish I could swing while in the air. You had everything going for you there. I wish there was a mechanic like that. Melee swing. I was in a prime position to do it!

J9: I don’t put my number of wins in my title. I don’t care.

S: Viss has 2000. That’s a shit-ton of wins. S: I think I have 700. J9: I think I have 500.

S: There’s no way I have over 1000. You have 753. There you go. Thanks Chat. Good job everybody.

Skins today (sporting the twitch jungle skins)


re: WOW – I did all the mythics as well I just probably got a little more lucky.

By the way I’m only streaming 3 or 4 more hours. Taking Troy to the dog park.

Then guess what I’m doing when I get back? World of Warcraft! I’m addicted to that game.

Mobile games are not that sick. The quality streaming with 4G is shit. Looks like it’s 480p. I don’t know how to make it look better.

Edgimus thank you for the 10 gifts.

I don’t think my mom even has my address.

J9: I’ve been kicking my Ethernet cable waaaay too much.

S: It’s in a really bad spot too. You could just get a split from that other one.

J9: Have you noticed your donos have been less lately? Gifts has taken off. Instead of donating people have been gifting subs instead.

S: Something’s f’d up with my paypal lately. Like alhasmi said it.

eevisuu – who the f is that? What is your old name?

J9: I wonder if they’ll have weather at the tournament? Everyone will be a snake.

We’re doing the broadcaster royale thing.

My goal, my plan is to try to use a vector with a 4x. Use it like an ump. It’s probably going to be terrible.

It’s crazy how easy a 4x ump is. It’s one of the easiest weapons in the game. Vector’s going to be hard. J9: it kicks a lot. S: It’s do-able though. Burst shot. J9: If you hold it you’re going to lose it.

Speed Run (Clip

LUL! That was cool what you did. Looked so funny from my end. You can probably re-create that. I don’t care what anybody says that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

Why is the new update not in this game yet?

This is hard, it’s not like an ump at all.

I wanna take that ramp. Barrel roll (Doing stuff clip)

J9’s POV of barrel roll clip

Shroud destroys guy’s face (clip)

J9: What the DC? I know but how am I hear?

S: At least we pulled some sweet tricks that was sweet.

This is definitely not an ump. J9: Yeah it drops off at range (Vector w/ 4x)

Vector sucks with the 4x. I can’t full commit with vector.

Got headshots FUC*ING HEADSHOT

Chicken dinner winner

J9: Stream sniped again! DoctorDocs, he’s a common one.

The vector is broken. That’s why I’m worried about the new gun. The high rate of fire.

J9: That’s why I’ve been using the UMP.

Oh I hold, (ADS) I used to just toggle. Now I hold.

Left Stream at 4PM PST

Didn’t get much this stream, sorry!

Shroud Twitch Stream Recap for Tuesday 8/14/18 – PUBG R6S IRL

All credit goes to

Started stream around 2:30PM PST

PUBG Solos

Missed 1st hour of PUBG gaming but got a few clips

Poggers! (clip)

Thoughts on Fortnite (clip)

he’s GOOFY A$$ (clip)

Shroud sub callout rap god (clip)


Mike Checked out Earth Special Forces – I’ve been waiting for the new one. I don’t think it’s ever going to get re-made. It was so fun. It’s really old. It was a half-life mod as well as the new one. 16 player server. All original DragonBallz characters and their abilities. And then you have your chi (ke?) and you get that by fighting.

Anyway ESF is a great game. There’s a lot more to it than the different blasts. There are people on the forum that say, “I started following it when I was 14 and now I’m 30.” Do they have an FAQ? Anyway, I wonder if it’s a game you can still download. Is maintenance still happening? Oh shit you have to install halflife to install this.

Oh Steam is down. Steam’s dead. Steam is offline! Ohhhh ew ew ew. Flame. Oh it’s Tuesday; Tuesday maintenance. I’m going to go get some coffee. I forgot Tuesday is maintenance.

I want to show you quick run through of ESF. It came out in 2000. I was 6. 1.2.3 is when I played it. Their final version 1.0 will never happen. I’d love to partner up with them. I’m sure my community would love it. They might get screwed. Now that DragonBall is getting more popular. Most fan-made mods kind of get shut down. Anyway, I’ll BRB. I want some more coffee. And water – that’s important. I got just the song. (plays Africa – Toto).

Alright, let me show you guys this game just for fun. Let me show you what this game is. This game was my childhood. Their servers are up! Haha, there is 1 player. Let me set up a server.

I loved this game, I loved it.

You have your abilities, you can teleport. This is my childhood. You can have your beam battles and shit. This game was so fun. I loved it. You can have 16 players in this battlefield here. Normally I just played with my friends on LAN server. Anyway, it was awesome. There are commands. I didn’t mean to add a bot.

ESF Demo (clip)

Left stream at 4:30 PM PST

Resumed stream at 7:45PM PST

Rainbow 6 Siege

Shroud’s playing R6S with the following crew:

George-is-Short, Alpacka.-, MC.Jay444, Heck-Beaulo and KeisezrG (Shroud)

We got some trolls on our team jezuz. (George-is-short smacks Shroud with a club.) Geez we got trolls on our team.

Oh he got banned. I guess these guys are known as the toxic trolls in this rank. I guess the George guy was an actual troll. The other guys are trolling but he was TK’ing me over and over again.

He’s Insane (clip)

I am not a troll ok? I am not.

For some reason everyone started copypasta:

OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 Take me by the hand βœ‹ lead me to the land that you understand πŸ™Œ 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The voyage 🚲 to the corner of the 🌎 globe is a real trip πŸ‘Œ 🌊 OCEAN MAN 🌊 😍 The crust of a tan man πŸ‘³ imbibed by the sand πŸ‘ Soaking up the πŸ’¦ thirst of the land 
I’m going to get my food I’ll be right back. By the way, look at how close we are to that! Look at how close!
59,798 Subscribers
8:30PM PST
Alright, so I got my food (Asian food eating with chopsticks.) What should I play? What’s your favorite kind of rice, chat? White rice, brown rice?
Oh my alerts are not actually on.
Yeah Troy’s being a butt today apparently. Jess took him to the dog park earlier and he still has too much energy. He’s getting to the point where he always has too much energy. Get a laser pointer? I wonder if a laser point would work? Find mental games to tire him out? How do you find that? This is not that great but it’s food.

OMG bro you’re cheating. Mzl is cheating out here. 100 gifts! Literally 20 subs away from 60k. Get your credit card out, get your twitch prime out. He’s got you! Get your Hype out!

I’m going to take a picture of this for me. Just for me.
Who’s ready for next month drop of 20k subs. So many gifts. Thank you.
Sure another 100 gifts! You’re really securing the 60k subs!
I wonder if anyone will ever hit 1 million subs. Will there ever be a bigger game than FortNite?
I had a conversation with edgimus prime, I said “I need you to stop, then think. Just for 5 seconds. Before you do it again. I need you to stop and think, ” Will I regret this decision. Think long and hard about this, for 7 seconds. If you’re not down, don’t do it. No regrets please.” (another 100 gifts) Heh, he thought long an hard… You have totaled 2000 gifts at this point.
You’re owning.
That’s such a big pet peeve. How other people tell you how to spend your money. There’s always like 10 or 12 people who say “really” when I buy a watch.
What’s the use of money if you can’t spend it on the things you enjoy. There’s people out there their whole life and don’t do anything. They just save and save and save and save.
8:45PM PST - IRL for 15 min now
My realtor was telling me about this workaholic. Something involving stocks. He finally bought a home, he made a lot of money, 25mil, but now he’s like 40. He finally went with the dream home he wanted but he could’ve done it 20 years ago. I guess he felt secure after making 25 mil I guess. The guy also worked from home.
If your channel died overnight would you be f’d? Um… I don’t know.
61k hype hahah jezus that’s crazy.
What advice would you give to new streamers? I say not stray away from yourselves. Be as real to the stream as possible. That’s what I did. I got 1 or 2 at first. I just gamed how I normally game. Hopefully, you game the way you normally game. If you don’t have a toxic problem or troll you might get banned, you might not want to do that. Some people are just the worst.
What kind of upstream you have? I have 1000. I couldn’t stream at first, I had 10 up. I was 16 so I couldn’t move. I couldn’t convince my mom to upgrade. I didn’t know how to explain. I eventually moved in with my dad and I started to stream at 10 uploaded and I streamed for a long time. I had like 50 or something download and 1 upload. Then I had 100 down and 10 up. Now my dad has 1000/1000 I think. Just because. I think my dad has that fiber with Rogers or Bell. I try to move to specific internets like AT&T. I’m still not sure I think I’m 90% sure for my new home because it hasn’t been built. I have a big window before when I move in.  You just need 5 upload. Just use 2500 bitrate and you’re chillin.
I think owning 2 dogs helps. Instead of getting rowdy with the home they get rowdy with the other dog. I take him on 1-hour walk in the morning. and 1-hour walk later. There are days that the hour walk wears him out completely and other days he just still has energy. Must be a puppy thing.
You don’t get an infinity pool unless you have a really good view. Without a view, you’re going to look like an idiot. Infinity pool facing the local dump lol. That would take some crazy reconstruction to do it on the 2nd story.
No my SIMS play has taught me nothing except I’m not creative.
I think I’m the #1 gift channel. I almost have more subs gifted this month than regular 4.99 subs. Jezus!
I wonder what sub count would be without Twitch Prime. Twitch prime is beautiful. Amazon is just paying us. Thanks, Amazon!
This stream is brought to you by Amazon. We should all be promoting Amazon.
EdgimusPrime what’s up my dude! 50! Fiddy fiddy fiddy fiddy. I wonder how many trolls are being put into my chat. I wonder if my mods are banning gifted trolls?
I enjoyed the game but it didn’t go anywhere. I did 50 on Defiance Launch. I did 40 on CS Go. And 40 of Borderlands 2. Borderlands is fun. I didn’t like the Pre-Sequel. Not a fan.
9:00PM PST - IRL
When I first started streaming I actually had no cam. If we go back in my vods to the beginning… It won’t take that long (scrolling scrolling). So all of my old vods are deleted. These vods Dec 16 2013 I started using a webcam here. I probably was only using a webcam for a couple months. Jesus look at me.
I didn’t have a webcam at this time and streamed for like a year. I had 100 viewers with no camera. That was pretty good. Once I used a cam it was weird at first. I dunno a much better experience for the viewers. So basically to answer your question, no you don’t need a cam, but with it there is more of a connection and it also helps so they know if you’re afk or not. Is this guy afk? And they just leave. It does happen. I’ve gone to streams, no webcam, no talking, and I went to my buddies stream (buzzatv) I don’t know if he was there or not.
Should I grow my beard back? I think I should. Should I grow the goatee back? It took me so long to grow that? Now I could bang the same one out in a month. You look like you were in a 90’s boy band?
Can you get weird and creepy and see if there are any pictures with my goatee? I think I removed it when I started competing. I think I removed it when I joined cloud 9. I was so skinny.
Watched a Cloud 9 CS:GO – Frame of Mike

This is my out-tro song. Alright I played that for old-times sake. What are the comments? 2 years ago.
How did I find my name? I search for Synonyms of “Eclipse”. I picked 3 names, Obliteration, Shroud, I don’t remember the third one. I gave it to a bunch of friends. I searched ever DB i could, didn’t found anyone. It was almost Obliteration! Can you imagine? That would’ve been a troll. Obliteration nation damn.
The old outtro. This is the old-old outtro. This is my very first outtro. It was 4 minutes long.
I don’t’ think an Outro is that sick anymore.
Went AFK at 9:35 PM PST - IRL

Damn we’re going back, way back. Troy, don’t think about it… Troy talks: “woo woo woo”.

Troy is such a large cat.

Is that ant from Australia? Lol.

Drop it!

There you go, now you’re learning.

I’m trying to throw you the ball, not play tug of war.

Did you lose your ball under my desk? I got you. (crawls under desk)

Superhexagon is fuuuun I love that game. Haven’t played it in a long time.

It was fun to watch soda to the mythic.

Greek is a character.

I just want to watch Tyler1 videos. Can I just watch Tyler1 videos?

I think Tyler1 is – I’ve never met him in person so I don’t know but I swear he’s – it has to be an act. Even if I was to meet him in person he’d be the same. He’s gotta be playin a character.

(Looks at steam charts)

Monster Hunter World is owning!

Tyler1 LULs – oh man

I watched all his clips too many times.

This is my favorite clip. – j9 & shroud

This is such a great clip. It can be used with any game.

I hate games like that (I wanna be the boshy). So frustrating to even watch them.

I wish there was a better way to watch clips. Like an app.

More Tyler1 clips…

10:15PM PST – Wadu clip – JoshOG clip

Tyler helps a fellow viewer lol

Missed 30 min of stream – Greek and Tyler1 lol – Tyler1

Ok I think we’ve done this enough (watching clips).

AFK at 11:00PM to go check on Jess

Look at this sub count – 60,694. Mark the day at 60k subs. In a week and a half it will continue to go up. I wanted to play WOW today, but I’ll do WOW tomorrow night.

Tyler and Greek Autism attack

D__Rich is playing Lord of the Rings Online? OMG. This game is so fun. Look how dated it is. He’s wearing my hoodie again.

I think I’m going to call it here. You want me to host him? Ok f it. Why not? Sure. I was going to host someone else. This works. Anyway, later dudes and dudettes. Thank you. I’ll be on tomorrow hopefully in the morning. Anyway, peace out everyone. You can watch LOTR online. This game is 14 years old.

Stream end 11:08 PM

Shroud Twitch Stream Recap for Monday 8/13/18 – World of Warcraft

All credit goes to

J9: Just let me watch this.

S: I don’t care about your damn cinematics!

J9: I have an hour until the release. S: Release of what? J9: Don’t troll me! Release of WOW you know this!

S: Do I have permission to watch your stream? J9: Yeah S: What are you doing? J9: Watching the… S: LOL

S: I’m still laughing at how I trolled Just9n. You WOW’n? Should we prep? J9: How? S: I don’t know make a feast?

S: Don’t hate it yet. Watching WOW can be interesting, don’t hate it yet!

Question: Did you get into a fight? It’s be cause I was doing this for a while. (Holds and rests 2 fingers up to side of eye) You guys know about my face. (kinda looks like Mike got a black eye.)

“I like this song. (Cover of What’s in your head by cranberries).”

World of Warcraft

Ok we need to drop every single quest. What’s the quest we need to keep?

I always use default UI. I can’t stand the add ons. BTW, if you guys are feeling generous I could use some gold. I only have 200k.

God I love this game. I love it but I hate it. So much time spent on this game.

God I can’t f’n type! Sorry.

J9: Have you seen all the trailers?

S: Oh yeah stats list.

J9: It’s going to be around cataclysm XP. I think I might be able to help you I don’t know. I can just kill shit for you.

S: This is weird.

J9: Have you bought BFA? I don’t know what happened it’s a bug. I paid $20 and I got the deluxe version. I don’t know wtf happened. When I paid for regular $50 version.

S: DO I have it? How do I know? Guilded Ravasaur. I don’t remember buying it.

J9: I don’t remember buying it at all.

S: Where the f are my talents? Everyone’s playing WOW. I have to do this, do you want to help me out?

J9: Yeah I don’t know how to find you.

S: I’m in Ashvale right now. So weird they can only do fullscreen window. It’s f’n weird. I hate fullscreen window. Bullshit.

J9: I’m flying over you.

S: Hopefully this doesn’t take too long.

J9: I remember it takes about an hour.

S: I’m not going to be done with this by 3. J9: You f’d up a little bit. I’m not a lore person so I don’t know why. Wait do we burn their tree? J9: Yeah kill wisps then burn their tree. S: I like having low hit numbers.

S: What are the go-to talents for frost-mage?

Why is everyone playing WOW? Expansion day.

400k viewers and it’s not even live. Everyone is hyped.

Do you want to group up with me? J9: The big WOW streamers are just going to farm. S: that’s good right? J9: yeah.

S: I gotta do this pre-quest! I”m running out of time!

J9: Are you playing with Jess. S: No it’s cool I’ll play solo. J9: ARE YOU PLAYING IN MY GAME!?!?” S: lol alright man lets play some video games. J9: Alright join my discord.

S: Think I watch cut scenes? That’s funny. That’s a good meme.

(They have the best cinematics team though.) Oh I know. I know.

S: Undead are my favorite.

J9: Are you coming mike?

S: yeah yeah. What is his f’n discord picture I’m going to freak out. I can’t find it. I can’t find his f’n discord server. There it is, jesus. The way you sort it is just pictures. Give me names, not just picture.

S: War mode it on we’re going to fight every person we see! I’m only in this group because I’m trying to do this pre-shit. Everyone is telling me I need to do this.

S: Half my chat is saying I don’t need to do it. I don’t know what lorderon thing your talking about.

J9: You should just do it. I’m so undergeared. Rogues are kinda bullshit.

S: They’re getting rid of legendary weapons?

S: I don’t have a single add-on.

I told you to bring snacks!

Colby: I’m just the snack-man now?

This is messed up horde fighting alliance.

(How does he have mythic mount?) Cause I’m the mythic rider! No just kidding I got carried.

Alliance plebs.

J9: I think it’s starting to lag. J9: Oh I got kicked out. Alright I’m back we’re all good.

This is a cool mount! Woooo!

I should probably cover my chat with my webcam.

Sketchy shit in chat

WOW BR lol

If you’re not WOW fans, sorry. Because the expansion is coming. Yeah.

Yep WOW BR, that’s why there’s so much hype. Think about a WOW BR, I think that would work! You just zone in with your BG, you have your gear. You loot different buffs and work your way down.

I hate this shit about WOW.

This is still going? This loderon is taking for ever. There’s 5 MINUTES LEFT.

Whatever dropped I think broke the quest.

J9: We started, we’re in! I can’t complete the quest, hello!?

S: Syvannis is crazy. Is undercity dead? Is it toast? Bro undercity just got owned!

S: Finally I’m done! Look that I got an XP bar. Oh I didn’t turn on war mode, f!

S: I don’t know what talents are even good. J9: You shift-right-click it. S: I’m just going to pick one.

6-Month SubscriberTwitch Prime@shroudΒ warmode talents are changable anytime you’re in a inn or major city


S: Oh that’s good. They changed the UI a little bit.

S: This is going well. Great expansion. J9: Smooth launch btw. S: smooth. OMEGALUL

S: My chat is saying people can’t even log in right now. People are just getting DC’d and shit, it’s a nightmare. You were DC’d that whole time Chun. I can’t talk. Oh I’m in!? I’m sitting at a black screen.

Appartenly you click Create New Character and go back a few times and it gets you in. J9: Oh I’m in!Β  S: C’mon! J9: This is not good I’m not loading in. I’m 3/4 of the way loading bar. I want my potion please!

J9: this is so stupid.

You guys really f’d up by waiting until 2:30 to do pre-quest.

J9: I’m just going to put my feet up on the desk. Isn’t this game great?

S: Kyle shut up! okay?!

S: Maybe I should refresh realms? OH WAIT NO! If I press Cancel I reset everything. Don’t press that button.

Kyle: haha I immediately regret this decision.


I’m going to google it. “Scream until my eyes bleed.” J9: Yep trying to enter world – still on black screen.

Been at least 30 min trying to get into the game…

Watches Summit1G playing


We are 20 subs closer to 60-muther-f’n-k!

This would be fun to play. My mage. Lets load the realm list and see if it works.

(Tried changing realms on phone) didn’t work…

I bought the collectors edition, I don’t deserve this kind of BS… (Screen stuck on “Logging in to game server”)

Going on an hour watching a black screen now… It’s trying to default me into the illoden realm. If I re-install the game, it will reset me back into a different realm. J9: Isn’t it 100GB.

I’ll be back for my re-logging in process. (AFK)

(He finally logs in as a Survival-Hunter.)

I have no idea how to play Survival Hunter. Serpent sting, raptor strike, wildfire bomb is the common rotation.

What the f is this quest I just got. I don’t want this. This is stupid as hell.

I’ve got 100 gold to my name.

Playing as “Spixxment” ?

I’m playing a pleb hunter.

Had to leave stream around 5pm PST let me know if I missed anything else


Shroud Twitch Stream Recap for Thursday 8/9/18

All credit goes to

Started stream around 11:30am PST

Shroud watched the Red Dead Redemption II Official game play trailer

“This game is gonna bang. It’s going to f’n bang. But it’s not coming out on PC until later. I’m gonna play it on console but I’m gonna hate it. There’s no way they don’t release this title on PC. There’s no way.”

“Omg everet. Everet gave 20 Tier 1 subs gifts. ”

About his streaming PC – “I use the quad capture. You can start with aver media. Or you can use the Magewell USB capture 3.0 . Simple just a couple HDMI cables. Or one. You just plug it into your computer. HDMI > gaming PC > HDMI > streaming PC.”

Summit Kills his Brother

“How did he see that? He’s getting so good at that game now.”

Are you still banned? Negative.

“OMG WTF Moster Hunter World number on steam. (237K) There’s no way there’s not that many people playing. It has to be Asia also. There’s no way. ”

“FYI, PUBG is banning stream snipers for stalking. Someone out there is taking them out. If you’re going to do it, be sneaky about. That’s it.”

PUBG solos

Everet, you own! You gave 20 gifts, $100. You own.”

I’m just looking out for stream snipers that also play.

All time high sub count. 54351

“I love this game. This is insane wtf is going on? This is crazy there’s this many people. Let’s party.”

Feels good man.. feels bad man

“I wish I could spectate and then go back to the death cam. Are you lunch box? Did you get banned? I have no control here. If you want to play the game, I’m warning you, you’ll be banned. You can’t blame me for getting banned I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“I tried gifting 100 subs and it didn’t work, my card didn’t work. ”

“xgingersnap gifted total of 100 subs today. holy… what?”

“The new sub gifting package you can give individuals. Or pick a number and it will randomly pick people from chat, then mods, then followers.” Really cool system actually.”

“Troy’s poops are finally, finally starting to get solid. We have him on a diet that should not cause him diarrhea. We have to do tests to figure out what was causing it in the first place.”

“I’m obsessed with using the 2x. I think it’s because of the purple (reticule).”

“Are they banning wadu? They’re probably banning him. If he’s smart he probably wouldn’t do that right now. Everyone knows wadu, he doesn’t have to stream snipe. He can just do his thing.”

500 gift subs from EdgimusPrime, you are owning!

Streamer Protection

Twitch should also be able to get the streamer to be able to make custom gift badges. It should also be like bits where they hit certain numbers and the icon changes and the streamer can change it. Those 500 subs are gone next month.

You guys are going to hear this alert like 500 times. I turned it down though (gift sub alert).

Hit 55k subs! Ay oh, we did it!

“I’m not actually buying a 100k watch you are crazy. ”

“I message him every day (alhashmi) he is part of the Dubai watch club. They put their last watch on hold for me to purchase. I’m not buying that. Not yet. 60k watch for 60k subs you got it.”

“Ok edgimusprime donated another $100. That’s a lot of money, shit. I literally own 2 pair of shoes, and one of them is destroyed. I wanna own more shoes because I destroy them quickly. The thing is, Chad is my shoe guy. I go to him when I need shoes. We haven’t done that in a while. I don’t care much for shoes. I’ve never owned more than 3 pairs of shoes. But I’d like to have more variety. I have Louis V’s hightops. My first high tops. I’m always wearing shorts unless it’s a special occasion.”

“Part of me thinks Chad doesn’t enjoy streaming all that much. That he would be happier doing other things in the gaming community. Because he has options if he wants. I’m pretty sure Chad wants to move to Vegas.”

“Those 2 maps kinda got ruined for me. Even this maps gets a little slow can you imagine the other maps?”

“Are you going to play the new insurgency? The beta comes out today. I don’t know. I want to play monster hunter. I’m not sure if it’s my style. I do, I don’t I don’t know.”

“There’s 250000 people playing Monster Hunter on Steam. It’s farming. It’s owning.”

New meta

I want to test this gun at more of a range (UMP w/ 6x). I wanna test this gun at 200 meters. I wanna know. It’s hard to find someone at 200 meters. There’s always a perfect amount of cover so that it’s never over 200 meters.

Justin downloaded Monster Hunter. I think we’re both going to be newbies.

Shroud gifting 50 subs to his plebs

Are you capping FPS? No. It’s uncapped.

Yeah Jess isn’t here until Saturday night. I’m not going to ruin my schedule but I’ll probably end up streaming more than I normally do. Like tonight I’ll probably stream late as f. I still want to be in bed at midnight maybe end my stream at 11. He’s gotta be on our schedule too. He knows midnight. He can tell time.

“Stewie I’m inviting you now. I’m going to have a little house warming party if you’re interested. Bring your swimsuit.”

J9 joined the chat. J9: “You know when Doc talks about hot acidic diarrhea? I’m taking it to the next volcano level. I’m waiting to go live because I might have to rush to the bathroom any second. Yep yep yep yep yep yep!” S: “Hahah I can imagine him sprinting to the bathroom. He ate taco bell. Think about it, it’s a good thing. Fast food, fast shits. You should have some pepto.” J9: “YOU SHOULD NEVER TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE MICHAEL!”

S: How many emotes do you have now? J9: Oh, 39. I think 5k is the cap. I still have 5 extra. I think you should delete your main channel and see how well you do on your 2nd channel.” S: “I would probably crash and burn” J9: “I think I have swamp ass. I feel ill. Did you know there’s somethign called manpons? They’re like tampons but for you butthole.” S:”That’s actually what they’re called? How do you know this? You’re not leaking, you’re hurting you need a cream or something.” J9: “Will you put that on for me?” S: “Yeah sure cause one day you’ll have to do it for me.”

Monster Hunter World Duos with J9

Yeah this is pretty troll. (Goes through training tutorials solo)

J9: Are we playing together? S: How do I do that? Gathering hub?

J9: I’m in the Canteen, chillin. I know how to do it now.

16 can be in a hunt. J9: You can invite me I guess. S: How do I do that? J9: I don’t know. S: It just kicked me out. J9: Communication error occurred? S: Yeah. Shit’s f’n broken.

S: “Oh hey I can see you!” Do you like how I look? Yeah you don’t like a girl at all.”

“Why is this so confusing?” J9: “Because it’s a port from console.”

J9: “I’m on the quest now.”

S: Yeah I guess you gotta do it solo or something. This is very difficult. These controls are interesting. I don’t even know what “R” does.

S: “It is so yellow outside it is crazy.”

S: (In training grounds) Oh! This is way better than a bow! J9: Yeah I’m owning. What are you using? S: Sword and shield. (confusion) I’m just trying to play some co-op.

J9: I’m upgrading my sword, upgrading my armor.

S: I can make some bone armor? I don’t know what I’m making, I’m buying it. Sounded cool so I bought it. Look at me, I look sweet! I wanna eat.

“Woo! This is kinda fun! Go for it’s tail”

“Goddammit! I wanna mount it!. I don’t like the music in this game.”

Ok done with Monster Hunter around 7:30pm and jumped into Rainbow 6 Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege

Playing DOC as KeisezrG

Went 9 and 1 on a defeat

9 and 1

Rank Platinum I – 4110

Another 9 kill defeat

You can spam this wall?? I’m dead.

Dono $500 – AlHashmi had a hookup on a watch. Specifically held a watch for me. It is kind of an investment. It’s weird to think about because it’s a physical item.

Another $1500 dono from Alhasmi99000 total of $2500 for the day

More R6 will be back on tomorrow around noon. GG’s everybody. Farewell.

Ended stream by hosting Lil_Lexi.

Shroud Twitch Stream Recap for Tuesday 8/7/18

All credit goes to

Started stream around 2:30pm

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds solos

Stream title: “Unbanned Tomorrow!”

Shroud’s skins today

Opinion on Putin

I love when my feet are freezing. My feet are cold and it feels so good!

“New desk, new house? I don’t know where to put everything. I want to move in after the landscaping is done, after I’ve closed. Leave it in it’s box for a little bit. I should probably do that, that’s a great idea. My worry is if I set it up at this place, and then move it, and the movers fuck it up. I think that’s what I’m going to do. Leave it in it’s packaging.”

Alhashmi $500 dono. And another $500.

Flawks song and chicken dinner

“I feel like he’s using his stream snipe time effectively (Flawks).”

“I’m using a different keyboard than the one in the description below. I’m not sure I was supposed to tell you about the new keyboard I don’t think it’s been announced.”

“In 2 hours they have 3 hours maintenance – they won’t be live until 8:30? Resident f’n sleeper. Oh I’m still going to be banned. Maybe the 8th is their time, not my time. They normally do these updates a day earlier. Maybe there’s a chance I’ll get unbanned with the update. I think in Korea it’s the 8th? Maybe I’m unbanned? Should I check? I’m just going to ask (text’s someone at bluehole).”

“I wonder if it’s automated. Everyone is very sure it’s automated.”

Flick 2 – insane

“Did you get your desk? Yeah. You see the cardboard behind me? It’s an L desk – 72 x 72 x 30 it’s 6 feet this way 6 feet that way.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing with BFA.”

“Kenrick got banned. I know that.”

“So funny when he sleeps, he lays on his side, then on his back then on his other side. He’s slowly rolling. He does it enough times he ends up across the room. He falls off his bed a lot.”

“SLR is the best DMR in the game. Mini and QBU are pretty much the same thing. I don’t think there is a recoil difference.”

Video of the screenshot above with “Keyboard leaked”

“I’ll be un-banned tomorrow morning.”

“When I go on tomorrow I will have my berlin skins and all the other stuff.”

“Make the winchester – give it a 2x. That would be the shit. Only a 2x. I’d be down, that’d be fun. I don’t know why they haven’t done that a long time ago.”

“Oh god did the servers go down? Is steam down? Yep. Steam is down for routine maintenance. Why is the vector so strong? It just has a very high rate of fire.”

“Oh well just chat I guess. Do you like my T-Shirt?”

Shroud starts watching videos.

Byron’s new TV

Watches a guy dancing ron-cton dance. “Everyone loves that shit. Tripalosky”

“Grims gets like 13-14 clicks per second. I get 11.”

“Oh man, No Man’s Sky is farming. Oh lyric only streams 6 hours a day. Lyric got a code to play.”

Grimmmz shoots fast bro.

“He shoots much faster than me that’s for sure. Click speed just looks insane, but that’s not the impressive part. Most people can probably do 9, 10 per second.”

(missed a couple hours of the stream)

Rainbow 6 Seige – Ridin Solo

Rainbow 6 Settings


Shroud’s Level 82

Shroud’s Squad:

“That was a pretty good game for me. I think I’m getting a little more “comfortable.

“I’m going to open 50 when I get 100,000. ”

Comeback win


Shroud began to watch HyperX IRL stream

4091 Platinum II – I need 9 more points.

Alpha pack – is it gonna be a black ice?

left stream @ around 10:30pm w/ shroud still streaming R6 Seige.


How to Set Clock Time on AD domain Controller and Sync Windows Clients

How to find your Active Directory Network Time Server

If someone complains that the time on a Windows 7 /Windows 10 PC is off, we can first sync the Domain Controller to an External Time Source, then sync their PC to the DC. How do you sync the computer to the same time as the cell phone/NIST/External Time Source, and make sure that all computers on your network have the same time as the domain controller?

First, determine from a client computer which computer is the authority for your time server. This is usually your Primary Domain Controller. To do so, on the client PC, open a command prompt and run the command:

net time

This should return something similar to the following:

This shows “Current time at \\” which is your net time authority.

How to check your domain controller time against a global time provider:

On the server that net time identified (NETTIMESERVER / primary domain controller,) right-click on your PowerShell icon and choose Run as Administrator.

Run the following command to only check how much time your server is off from the global time authority. This command doesn’t do the sync, it just displays how much time your server is off. The result will display plus or minus hours/minutes/seconds/fractions of seconds.

w32tm /stripchart / /dataonly

The results should display something similar to the following (hit CTRL+C to stop the data stream):

So we can see our DC is ahead by 39 seconds.

Sync Domain Controllers Time Against Global Time Authority

So now we want to manually configure our server to use a certain global time provider: – to do this run the following command:

w32tm /config / /syncfromflags:MANUAL

The terminal should return “The command completed successfully.”

Next type:

w32tm /config /update

Again you should receive a message “The command completed successfully.”

Now to immediately synchronize the time use the following command:

w32tm /resync

We can now check again how much the time is off from the global provider by issuing the stripchart/dataonly command and check the results. You can see here that our time is now off by less than a second:

Sometimes it will take a while for the server’s time to completely sync, and we’ll see a slow progression until the time is accurate (screenshot at bottom of page:)


Sync Windows 7 or Windows 10 with Domain Controller

PC’s on the network that authenticate against our domain controller should automatically pick up the new time from the time server after a reboot. However, we can manually sync the time on the client with the net time domain controller. To do so, open powershell or the command prompt as administrator, and issue the command:

net time \\ /set /y

This command should return the message “The command completed successfully.”

Our time on our PC is now synced with the domain controller, and the domain controller is now synced with