New World – How to Find Parsley to Craft Exotic Herb Supplies

We may get a quest to Craft Exotic Herb Supplies from a Town Board quest or from an NPC. When looking for Exotic Herbs such as Parsley, the herbs will not have a different look than other herbs, instead they will be purple and labeled “Herbs” when harvesting. They look similar to Lavender IRL.

When harvesting the Parsley from Herbs, we have about a 1-in-10 chance of finding a Parsley. Often times, in addition to obtaining Parsley, we’ll also harvest Peppercorns, Hyssop and Cinnamon.

Where to Find Parsley in New World

So finding Parsley is easy enough if we know where to look and what it looks like. In this case, Parsley is found in the far South West of the map, in tropical Cutlass Keys. I found the most near BALMY VELDT and HAUNTED ISLE.

Getting there, expect to encounter Tropical Boars, and Crocodiles. I am level 33 at the moment and the enemies are up to level 35. Try to stick to the roads and if too many mobs are after you, it’s best to run and dodge!

I hope this guide helps you find Exotic Herbs in New World.

New World Briar Branches – what they look like and where to find them

New World Briar

When trying to complete the Windsward Hamlet Barkeep’s No Confidence Stew quest, we need to find Briar Branches.

You can find Briar Branches near rivers and lakes. They are brown thorny bushes with green leaves, and will display “Briar” when looking at them. I found them near a lake just South West of Windsward Hamlet.

New World – How to Find Sporebloom Fruit to craft Common Health Potion

So there is a quest named “Alchemists Needed” in WindsWard Hamlet. The mission is to Acquire Common Health Potion. In order to complete this mission, one of the ingredients for the potion is named Sporebloom Fruit. Searching resource maps online didn’t help so I basically ran around along all the rivers in the area and collected all types of plants. I was then able to craft the Common Health Potion. At this point I found that we can click on the Recipe ingredient titled:
Tier 2 Medicinal Reagents (PRIMARY)

Under this recipe item I finally found all of the ingredients that make up Sporebloom Fruit. 1. Click on the Common Health Potion 2. Click on the Tier 2 Medicinal Reagents (PRIMARY) 0/1 Sporebloom Fruit menu:

3. Now uncheck / clear the box that says Owned Items:

4. Hover your mouse over each ingredient. Now we can see what the (Primary) ingredient constitutes, and they are:

  • Sporebloom Fruit (Sporebloom Fungus)
  • Glowing Mushroom Cap (Any Fungi)
  • Gillflower Gills (Gillflower Fungus)
  • Platecap Flesh (Platecap Fungus)
  • Lifebloom Stem (Lifebloom Plant)

How to upload Office365 user Contact Information with Powershell and csv file

If you have employees who change phone extensions, names, departments, address, or titles a lot, HR or management may want to have this contact information data updated in Office365. Oftentimes these little changes can add up and we want to make a lot of changes in bulk with a single command. Instead of updating manually, we can make the changes to an Excel csv file and upload the changes all at once.

Ok in order to import/update the contact information for employees in the Office 365 tenant using a csv file and PowerShell, do the following:

Edit the attached CSV file with information that needs to be imported into O365. **Note: the UserPrincipleName and DisplayName columns are required.** FYI, screenshot below is how I exported the required data from O365 and copied the required columns into the attached file.

Export Users O365 Admin

Next, start a (hybrid) PowerShell session into your O365 tenant.

Run the following command, replacing the path in the script to the location of the .csv file on your computer.

Import-Csv "C:\Users\jcoltrin\Desktop\o365Users\contact_details_powershell_upload.csv" | foreach {Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName $_.UserPrincipalName -FirstName $_.FirstName -LastName $_.LastName -DisplayName $_.DisplayName -Title $_.Title -Department $_.Department -Office $_.Office -PhoneNumber $_.PhoneNumber -fax $_.fax -MobilePhone $_.MobilePhone -StreetAddress $_.StreetAddress -city $_.City -State $_.State -PostalCode $_.PostalCode -Country $_.Country

That’s it!