Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Monday 7/9/18

Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Monday 7/9/18

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Started stream playing PUBG – his character is wearing Letterman Jacket, blue combat pants, gas mask, and headphones. Played squads with ChocoTaco and Just9n.

Flying 360 M24 kill

DRICH is his teammate for the tourney?

Went on a rampage with R45 “Watch this 1..2…”

“That VOD had to get removed. (video on demand – a video of the stream.) Hiding questionable things. I got a slap on the wrist though. Can’t do it again.” (This is in regards to working with hackers to kills yesterday). “Yeah I got in trouble for that one, it’s not happening again.” “I didn’t do anything about the VOD I’m assuming twitch turned it off. ”


Has never tried Ghost Recon Wildlands because of 3rd person. “Kind of a meh to me.”

“Hey Just9n you want to return the favor?” “Please?” “I hate you as a human being.” – wanted Just9n to get his food for him…

“They got rid of melee – it’s just guns don’t worry about it. It’s just strange. A regular BR with just a voice actor. The culling. I will watch it tomorrow.” “We’ll see how it does as just a shooting game.” “I don’t know how I feel about Culling, they might have put a lot of effort into the game. I think personally they might be doing cash grabbing. Who knows it could be really sick. I think it’s 1st person only. It could be good!”

“I’m not too big into monster hunter but I will give it a shot. My only concern is 60FPS lock. Is it confirmed it is 60? I don’t care to play it if it’s 60FPS lock. No. No lock. Stop locking shit. I’d like to try it though because I’ve heard good things.” “I’m hoping it’s unlocked. I think that game can pull 100.”

“Am I excited for playtesting? I did research into the company to see what I’m testing, I have a game in mind. I wanna know. I’ll wait until tomorrow. I might go there tonight. I have to be there at 8:30 in the morning. After I do the test I can say if it was enjoyable. But I can’t say what game or what company. If I accidentally slipped on an NDA. If I openly talked about it then I’d probably get sued. But we’re not going to do that. Not for science here.”

“There’s no stream tomorrow. I have to take Friday off for that Tournament” “I’m taking 2 days off.”

“PlayBattlegrounds is the channel. I’d honestly rather not stream.”

Gets killed after dropping… “I wanna play Siege.”

“I hear you’re getting a Golden Retriever. Jess really wants one. I”m fine with it. Just not for this house, that’s the problem. Just the yard is the problem. If we were to get Golden we’d probably get a female 1 to 2 years, not a puppy. I wanna wait 2 more months. I don’t want to wait too long. Little puppy friend. He socializes a lot now anyway. Every weekend we’re going to make sure he plays with other dogs.”

Just9n’s voice meter broke and his voice sounds really low. “LOL I like the new you. LUL”. “That is f’n funny I actually prefer you like this. It sounds like you’re using a voice changer. I’m still laughing at Justin’s voice. I wanna hear more. I can’t wait to hear Justin rage.”

Fast clear during this chicken dinner.

Duos with choco

“I’m eating french toast again. Don’t judge… I’m so mad, I think I’m going to need a new mousepad. I spilled maple syrup. I’m sticking around. Ugh. God this is annoying as shit. It’s where I rest my arm.”

“Choco what do you think about Rainbow 6 siege?” “It looks boring, too steep of a learning curve. I’m sure it’s more fun to play than it is to watch. It looks like most kills are accidents in that game. When you get better at rainbow 6 it become a controlled accident.”

“Jukebox guy. I had this guy follow me around. Don’t kill him. (juke boy guy pumping “Bustin” then a country home remix, then rickroll remix, then All Star remix). Do you have any song requests?”

Wait, What? 

The Cross Kill with Choco

Shroud Flick/Quick Scope

Another chicken dinner with Choco.

Big donation by Alhashimi99000 $500 – we can now say that first one was a gift. Shroud confused by this. He’s about to pass Motar for largest donor – upwards of 26K.

Right after, Just9n just donated $501 with a message EZ (clap).

Break time for Troy @ 1:45pst – shroud hosted Choco

More Pubg solos

Troy sleeps in the bathroom at night

Has had enough PUBG for the day, going to play Rainbow 6 again. “I don’t even know what Terrorist Hunt is?” “OK this is just shoot bots and defend the defuser.”

Isles of 9 not friendly for a casual shooter.

More Rainbow 6. Playing as KeisezrG BlueTeam – with Macs_Miller, MC Jay444, Lil_Lexi and Bnans.

Going to Uber into LA tonight, get a hotel and wake up at a normal time.

“Troy wants to run around and be free. He doesn’t like being in this room. Ok you know what? Fuck it, want to run around dude? Go fly be free! This is a bad idea chat. House is gonna get rekt. I hope not. He likes shoes and wires. He doesn’t chew the shoes he just likes to walk with them. It’s weird.”

I was trying to have a good time, obviously I knew what I was doing, but it wasn’t a good idea. I got banned for a month. So I’m sorry for you guys that are really upset. I was just trying to have some fun… I can still play pubg, I just can’t play on my account.


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