Shroud Twitch Stream Recap for Friday 7/6/18

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Shroud Twitch Stream Recap for Friday 7/6/18

Started stream with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Continuing his Sanhok Event Pass – he’s up to Level 22 – has one more challenge to complete – a wave-rail kill or something.

3x on QBZ works pretty well for him

High dono for the day: MrSissyPool – $200

Highlight clip:

The QBZ is Garbage?

On streamsnipers: “There are 10 guys who stream snipe but just die every game. They run at me just to get headshot and just die. There’s no way that can be fun. A few seconds later “foreskineater” shoots at Shroud and kills him. Shroud says “Thank you, foreskineather! Jesus, about time you did something!”

He’s “playing in a tournament next week in L.A., playing squads or something. Teams have Captains, you pick teams with a random person or a celeb or something. Has no idea who his team is. Thinking about maybe giving it to someone who is a dedicated viewer who plays pubg a lot and pay for them to fly out or something. Would be kind of hard to pick someone.” “I don’t have the details to share, celebrities will be there.”

Here’s the link:

“Choco’s a captain, chad’s a captain, can’t have just9n on his team. Might get two random people. Was thinking about asking Wadu or Bananaman. Wadu is older he might want to do it. Choco’s playing with boom, but he has no idea who he’s playing with.”

He’s going to Disneyland at the end of the month.

“When you’re in your prime, work as hard as you can. As you get older then you can live your life. ” (hums song from star wars) “Late 30’s don’t have to grind so hard.”

Regarding his desk that still hasn’t been delivered: “At this point I will get my desk when I’m in my new house.”

Sitting for too long? shroudbutt

Squad PUBG with Just9n and ChocoTaco – Shroud and Just9n arguing about leaving clothes in the washer overnight. Choco says they need couples counseling.

3-kill clip – !!!He’s Insane!!!

Just9n: People are talking about your hair, Mike. What did you do to it?

Mike: nothin, I put some stuff in it and put it up but not really…

Said there’s a chance for more shroud skins in the future (not the ghost) but something else, not sure what PUBG’s plans are…

Run over by ghost buggy

Played Duos with Just9n until 4pm.

Looked at Bless online – RIP – dead game

“Well BFA comes out next month – will I even play it? Is there anything that explains BFA and a reason to go back into WOW expansion? ”

“World pvp is coming back? Yeah it’s never coming back… They say improved PVP is coming back. Vanilla and BC was the only time world PVP was kind cool. ”

“War mode + bounty system is coming – bounty system sounds cool. Anyway…””I’ve played so many WOW expansions I just want a reason to come back – I don’t know. If you’re constantly getting kills, other people will come and hunt you do. kinda cool, don’t mind that at all.” And you get a bonus XP – pvp helps you level a little bit. Interesting”

Back to PUBG

200IQ Grenade kill LUL

Jess’s life now

Stopped watching around 4:30PST, let me know if I missed anything!





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