Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Wednesday 7/18/18

Islands of Nyne Duos with Choco

Missed the first couple hours of the stream…

Shroud: “People say: mow my own lawn. That’s a good one.” Choco: “It’s not hard, take pride in it.” Shroud: “I guess.” “A roomba lawn mower hahah is that a thing? That’s dope! I can do that.” Choco: “Yeah I think it takes a while to setup.”

Shroud wearing a Madrinas shirt today.

I’m owning!

Shroud: “Does IO9 have leaning? No.” Choco: “Pubg is one of the only games I’ve played that has leaning.”

Choco: “One more last game?”

Shroud and Taco’s skins:

Shroud: “Imagine a BR without ADS, that would be a lot of fun. Just crosshairs like CS9. I’m a little biased though.”

“I think this is a game that would benefit from a good ping.”

Shroud: “The problem with this game is replayability. How to make it more fun. The core mechanics are unique. They gotta find a way over there.” Choco: “Yeah it gets a little boring.”

“Troy no no no no no. Well, he committed. Troy, you’re better than this. The dog just took a dumper. I was trying to get him to stop. Goddamnit man.” (Games some more… “He had a pistol!” “At least it was a log so I’ll give him credit. It’s a little baby poop. I’m going to take him out.” Choco: “Yeah I’m done anyway.”

Choco and Moses talking and playing Earthfall in background…

“I left that discord, I apologize.”

“Watch the Rainbow six video? Ok”

(Watching video LUL’s)

“That was pretty good actually. haha that was poggers right there. Haha. Oh man.”

“I want to play Rainbow 6 but I don’t know who’s also playing.”

Rainbow 6 Squads

Shroud’s Rainbow 6 crew:

MC_Jay444, I_am_ZAKO, Not.Ash-, Bnans, and KeisezrG (shroud)

“I’m so excited to get my own house I’m so excited! I’m trying to get pre-approved for a loan. I’m getting a load instead of buying with cash.” “We looked at some houses and narrowed it down to one in that model. A really popular one that might be gone in a few days. We’re hiring someone for the interior. We’re going to have a decent sized lot. These other homes are nice more modern and luxury but take a lot longer to be built. The other place makes all the houses and you buy as-is.”

“A thousand subs! Hey ya!”

He reached Rank 70

“I’m pretty sure I use muzzle break on Rook’s AR. (team agrees)”

“Is it weird I want to stay up all night?” “I just don’t want to sleep.”

Level 71 – Platinum II

“There’s a chance Plat 1.. there’s a chance!”

“Is R6 hard to learn? Yes. It’s better if you have a few buddies you can learn together. You have to lose to learn.” “Wise words haha.”

“I’m so slow.” “I’m learning.”

“I have a call tomorrow morning so I should probably not stay up all night.”

“I feel like I’m doing pretty good. We’ve won a few.”

Shroud: “Hitting people through rails is the worst.” Teammate: “That’s like my biggest pet peeve.”

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