Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Tuesday 7/24/18

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Started his stream around 1:00pm PST

Duos with Dr. Disrespect

Doc’s and Shroud’s Skins:

Doc: “Alright let’s make this happen!”

Winnie Ownage

Shroud: “OMG there are so many people. People still play this map?” Doc: “People still play this game?”

Doc: “Your stream snipers are so much different. Your’s are like ‘Shroud! Shroud! I love you!’ Mine are like hiding in a container for 20 minutes then kill me.”

Rook LUL

“It’s crazy how bad the other maps are now that (sanhok) this one is out. They need to fix the other maps. If you bring the loot up to what this map has, omg that would be so fun.”

Doc: “You’re really cocky and it pisses me off Shroud.” Shroud: “That’s what everyone else says.”

(Gets killed by honker in buggy) Shroud: “Nobody ever shoots the streamsnipe honkers. Ever.”

Shroud: “My flight’s tomorrow. Stream tomorrow morning for a little while. Probably a 3-4 hour stream tomorrow. I’m leaving during rush hour. My flight’s at 7. So I’m going to have to leave a 3, maybe? I think I’m one stop in Frankfurt, and then Berlin. How am I supposed to my my connection.” Doc: “I’d love to see you in a full sprint.”

Shroud: “Were you shocked to see Ninja? I was shocked to see that.”

New house: “I wanna throw a home gym in the garage but Jess said it’s going to get hot as hell. How the hell am I going to get the AC in it.?”

“I hold ADS, not toggle.”

Shroud: I wanna find this LootMe guy and take him out of the game. Does he teleport? Doc: That’s him, that’s his pattern. Shroud: He has a pattern? Doc: He paid $999 for his cheat somewhere on the internet. S: So he’s the Doc protector? D: He’s not a protector. I killed him one game. S: how do you like the new car? D: It’s pretty solid. S: We’ll find one. D: I know you’re real cocky. S: We’re fine in this car. (They find one). D: What the hell is this? S: Have some fun, take some hills. D: OK S: Omg I wish they made it accelerate faster, it has an ok top speed, it’s just too slow. D: I don’t know what’s worse this horn or your doorbell. S: My doorbell is the Dr. D song. S: I got my car stuck. It’s perfectly wedged in here. What happened to your vehicle? Did it flip? D: yeahhhh…”

Shroud 1v1 and guy sings “Country road but replaces lyrics with “Wadu wadu waduhek.

S: “Alhashmi you’re a great guy you know that? Thank you man. ($500 donor) 32.5. I didn’t close a home, but I’m locked into a home, closing in a couple months hopefully.”

“Are we gonna hit fifty k today? We might hit 50k (subs).”

“The event in L.A. – those PC’s were pretty bad. Those were i5, 1080ti.”

“You know I’m about to have a PC sponsor soon. It’s exciting but I don’t know when it’s happening.”

“No QBU is terrible (new gun). There’s no point. On the other maps it would be fine. The map is small. Any gun works you can use an ump.”

“Can you tell me your life story?” D: A new command center in the arena. I might send you an invite.

S: I’ve just locked a deal in on a house. S: Man your first house at what, 42 years old?” S: F U, If you were to guess how much. It’s 4 bedrooms, but it has 2 rooms won’t be rooms, they’ll be lofts. So it’s technically 6. Alright, it’s 3.  D: what the hell do you need that for? S: will you quit dying? D: how big’s your yard. The whole lot is 10k sq ft. The yard’s probably about 5k sq ft. D: I’m thinking 1.8 and 2.2. S: you’re good Doc – it’s in that range. D: I’m looking at it right now on google maps.

S: It’s tough to win on this map, with all the snipers.

S: Dono question: Why is Doc such a cry baby? “He’s not. I don’t want to have to explain.”

S: Doc are you bringing your gear to berlin? Probably my headphones and mousepad.

S: Are you going to have fiber in your new command center? D: I don’t think so. S: C’mon!” D: I’m talking to google to get it around the infinity pool S: You’re going to have an another infinity pool? I’m getting a pool. That will be fun. No point for an infinity pool, stupid.”

S: I see your point, getting a pool is expensive, maintaining the pool is expensive. I guess it comes down to how much we use it. I seriously think I will use it more than a community pool. I agree, having a pool – it’s kinda sick. I’ve always wanted a pool, but I mean we’re probably going to have 4 people living in the house. We can also invite people on the weekend and actually use the pool. I said we Might have a 4th person. Jess wants a friend of hers to stay with us. Jess needs a broy as well. Me and justin just stream all day so..”

yes, I’m not a fan of twitch con because I feel like I should, but yeah I’m going.

Is it harder to buy being Canadian. It’s more expensive and I need to provide more information. That’s the only difference.

I’m thinking about maybe a dog/kiddy pool separate from the main pool, that would be fun. There’s a lot you can do with landscaping.

Why don’t you play some IO9?

D: I’m done, going to play some fortnite. S: I thought you uninstalled it? D: No I just got an 11 kill win. S: OK. D: Next time. S: Next time will be in Berlin! D: You better prep. (Doc leaves)

PUBG Solos

Q: Are you seeing D-Sync in top 10? “Yeah sometimes.”

Q: Will you stream the event? “Yeah I think all the streamers can stream. I don’t know if they have to, but I will stream, yeah. Mic quality won’t be as good, but I’m still going to stream.”

Apparently all the teams are listed on the website.

(Gets killed) Assassinated from both f’n sides…

50K hype: we’re getting there.

Q: WIll you shave your legs if I donate a hundred dollars? No.

The home, it may be difficult for a 3rd streamer to live there. 2 is perfect. But. I tried to line up the loud streamers, Justin and I downstairs, and Jess from time to time upstairs. Is J9 paying for the house too? Rent. I guess.

It’s actually hard to find a pistol on this map. I could do pistols only.

I think J9 would feel bad living in my house without paying rent.

J9 gives $2k donation. “Nice” “This is how he pays rent.”

“F’n troll dude. you know, donating to pay rent is really bad. Awkward for my CPA, but that’s fine. I’m curious, I want to log into paypal and see how much they take.”

“I can just refund it, and they don’t take their cut. Paypal is confusing; I don’t understand it. Hey man $200 is $200.” J9: “Free rent I heard.” S: “haha goddamnit.”

“I think I need to AFK, to send all these documents over. I need to send this ASAP to go through with pre-approval. If I keep playing I’ll forget about it.”

(Goes AFK working on banking stuff)

“I really like Shine Down. Shine Down is an acquired taste. At first I wasn’t a fan, but the more I listen, I’m like F yeah I like it.”

Back to PUBG solos

(Dono says) “4.20 dollars for every kill? F yeah I like this game.”

“Why did J9 donate 2500? He hasn’t paid rent in a few months so he just threw some money at me.”

plays for a while – afk

Shroud PUBG custom match

“We can do anything with these settings. Crossbows only. We can do anything (Match Settings). This is litteraly going to be R45 only.”

“Ok we’re good. Game name: why wont this work”. Password is 2222. (shit filled up fast). No helmets but vest is fine.

Hey Wadu got in! Floppy got in! You quick!

I don’t play any MMO’s anymore. I just been streaming a lot. That’s all I’ve been doing. I haven’t had time for anything else. I’m only interested in WOW classic, that’s all.

(gets killed quickly) that’s the problem with custom games. I wish I could get to play. (helps floppy – FLOPPY YOU”RE INSANE!

Shroud watches a bunch of twitch clips like the following:


biggest idiot

If I’m playing, I’m streaming

Crashing, running over…

A great day for the Doc

Oh Really

Wadu finds a chick

Business Offer


Shroud chats with chat

“If I was to live in another state it would be Texas. ”

“Closing date is in a couple months.”

“I want my first home, I want to go all out with it. It’s exciting because I get to do whatever I want. Because normally you don’t have a lot of land to work with. I can do some shit with my yard. No bunker. I’m just imagining fallout. Turrets and shit.”

Q: Have you ever considered doing steroids? No. No.

Q: Do you own a gun? No. I’d like to, but I clearly don’t care enough or I would have looked into it.

(Alhashmi dono: $500 – don’t forget the watch room.) The closet is the size of my room. One with a glass island where I can display my watches. I’ve always wanted that. I’ve seen pictures of that. It looks so clean. Glass island with the drawers.

I want to see hot ones – Kevin Hart catches a high eating spicy wings

$2k donos from Alhasmi today.

Watches another Hot Ones with Bobby Lee

And finally Terry Crews

I think I would die doing that, I cannot do hot like that. I think I would die. I would probably die. They’ve had so many people on the show and I’ve never heard of it. I don’t handle hot. I’ve never had hot wings. I like spicy, tapatio is great, it’s not really spicy. I can still eat I just wouldn’t be happy about it.

Is pubg up? Pubg has new stuff in it’s store.

Ok anyway I’m gonna call it on that note. I’ve been streaming 8 hours. That’s gonna be it for me, I gotta pack. I’ll do a morning stream. Thank you guys for watching. I’ll stream again Friday for the charity event.

Ended by hosting ShahZam

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