New World – How to Find Sporebloom Fruit to craft Common Health Potion

So there is a quest named “Alchemists Needed” in WindsWard Hamlet. The mission is to Acquire Common Health Potion. In order to complete this mission, one of the ingredients for the potion is named Sporebloom Fruit. Searching resource maps online didn’t help so I basically ran around along all the rivers in the area and collected all types of plants. I was then able to craft the Common Health Potion. At this point I found that we can click on the Recipe ingredient titled:
Tier 2 Medicinal Reagents (PRIMARY)

Under this recipe item I finally found all of the ingredients that make up Sporebloom Fruit. 1. Click on the Common Health Potion 2. Click on the Tier 2 Medicinal Reagents (PRIMARY) 0/1 Sporebloom Fruit menu:

3. Now uncheck / clear the box that says Owned Items:

4. Hover your mouse over each ingredient. Now we can see what the (Primary) ingredient constitutes, and they are:

  • Sporebloom Fruit (Sporebloom Fungus)
  • Glowing Mushroom Cap (Any Fungi)
  • Gillflower Gills (Gillflower Fungus)
  • Platecap Flesh (Platecap Fungus)
  • Lifebloom Stem (Lifebloom Plant)

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