Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Monday 7/2/18

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“Battlefield V Alpha! Sponsored by EA”

Shroud started his stream around 10 a.m. & played Battlefield V Alpha as “KeisezrG” in a squad with Lirik, DrDisRepect, and TimTheTatMan90.

3 days left to buy Shroud’s PUBG Ghosted Crate for $9.99

“He’s Insane” Battlefield V poggers with Sniper rifle and pistol clip here.

Said sniper rifle is pretty accurate all you do is left click on his head. Said at the late part of the game with a bunch of players down all he can do is use the sniper to try to catch up.

He’s using 103 FOV in the game.

You can preorder the game by scrolling down in his channel, there is a link there

Said he would not be surprised if every other player on the server was a stream sniper.

Said he’s been using default weapons the whole time in the game because he doesn’t know how to change default weapons. But there’s only one sniper in Apha… Ok

People in BF end-game chat are trolls.

Said he doesn’t like the V1 (rocket strike), too much of a gamble – V1 is kind of ass… you don’t know how many points it is… But here is a clip of a V1 kill

Ninja and his friends were on the other team

Got 41K 10D poggers in a game and DrDisRespect said “WE JUST DOMINATED THEM!”

Uh oh Shroud said Troy is “obsessed with cables” – he completely chewed through the (USB) cable…

Next game was a defeat but he went 52 and 17!

Game after he went 37 and 20 and leveled up to level 12

He likes that if the enemy is low enough, and you knife them it doesn’t go through the animation.

There was a bug with the Sun and mountains that they got rid of.

Said Sniping is just too much fun he could just go back again and again.

Shroud turned on his Eye Tracker at around 3p.m.

@shroud, Mike is using the TOBII Eye Tracker 4C to track his eye movements on screen!
Turned off his eye tracker because some stream viewers were complaining of stuttering.


Shroud hired dog walker for today because of the sponsored stream.
Pilot Shroudie – forgot he was inverted


Missed a couple hours but when I got back he watched another sweet DEARSOMEONE Pubg compilation vid PUBG 1.0 Highlights – Episode 6 (Series Finale)


When asked why he wasn’t going to the gym anymore, he said he was going to the gym for 2 months, but then stream was doing really well he started streaming 10-12 hours a day. There comes a point you have to choose, do I keep doing my 8-10 and have a life? I decided I don’t want to have a life and just stream.

He used to wake up at 11-12. Now Troy wakes him up at 9, but today he woke up at 7. Now that he has Troy he’s waking up early. (Who hasn’t had an accident in a inside the house in a while btw). He wonders if he should stream at 7a.m.?

Hello Vietnam peoples! Hoooowww are you?

Hasn’t followed pubg mobile in a while.

He has new HyperX products linked on his page. Help a broy out.

Hasn’t learned anything on the guitar.

WOn’t be comfortable with a house tour, but when he has his own house, he’ll give a Setup Tour. Right now it’s slums, shit’s everywhere.

He’d go on H3H3’s podcast if asked.

He says he knows nothing about CS – he’s out of the loop when it comes to CS.

There’s one video that HTC Origins video that he played that interviews his Dad and played a little bit. He says it’s a good video, he doesn’ tlike seeing himself/hearing himself. Cannot stand watchign himself in an interview. But the video talks a lot about his life. Lookin at my stupid head, I can’t do it; I can’t. (everyone spams shroud’s face).

Shared a pic of Troy with 4th of July Bandana

Says he will never open a P.O. Box. His house is already filled with so much shit. He doesn’t hang anything. He has avengers, batman posters, but didn’t hang them. He’s not hanging them because he’s moving.

Antman is coming out Thursday the 5th, he might have to get some tickets.

Feels comfortable to own his own home, wants to buy another dog. Currently doesn’t have a yard, just a patio. So he’s looking at home with big property and big yard. He’ll ask Just9n to stay in new place but he’ll eventually want to have his own place.

CA is a great state but is very expensive. The house he’s looking at would be stupid cheap, 3000sq ft – millions – it’s stupid but dumb so you have to take it up the ass.

He hasn’t played a game for an hour and a half and he’s happy to do that just sit and answer questions. Texas is OK, doesn’t want to hate on TX, it’s OK. But like Florida? Cmon. Vegas – who the fuck wants to live in Vegas?

The only problem about living in CA is it’s too expensive.

Thank you Dearsomeone for your dedication to all those videos. He understands, he gets it. He’s going to watch the video again.

He lived in Toronto and Mississauga. He’s traveled everywhere, like 20 states. Has been to a lot of places in Europe. Don’t even talk about living in Europe, OK? No. Not going to happen. Only 2 places: Canada and the U.S. “EULOL”. Doesn’t want to live someplace that doesn’t even speak English. Doesn’t like winter. The UK? Are you crazy? UKLOL. Their weather is F’d. No don’t want that. Weather is very important to me. I’ve dealed with all seasons. Now that he doesn’t have to, it’s great. Every day I walk outside, “Sun”. The idea of snow is great. But doesn’t miss it. You go outside and you hate your life. The only thing bad in CA is it’s really expensive. The people are great. Get out of L.A. it’s f’n terrible. Food is great. Fires are great.

No I’ve never been skydiving.

He checked out FEAR THE WOLVES video: New Battle Roale from Ex-Stalker Developers- official Trailer (New Post Apocalyptic Battle Royale trailer) – he likes the idea. PVP – VR. Survival elements.

Watched video: The best play of PGI NA Qualifier match 10 of 12. – “That’s actually F’n insane. He naded everyone, That’s fn epic. Just seeing how much better. he’s really happy with the way they’re making it look. I also hope they’re providing the players with what they need (LAN). They’re doing good on Pubg spectating. I watched this it was enjoyable.”

“I never claimed to be the best, I don’t claim to be the best, I don’t give a f. I just play games to play them. I’m here to f’n stream; have a good time. ”

“Desk? I don’t know, I didn’t call them.”

I have my VR setup, I don’t know to setup my Mic properly. A small mic that latches onto my ear, but wirelessly.

Looked at weather in Toronto: for it being 10pm, it’s 85 degrees right now. “For it being 11pm.. yeah it’s hotter than where I am right now. My dad was txting me how it was 100 or some shit.” “The hottest it gets is maybe 90”.

You can skin steam.

Huntdown Steam Charts: average of 1600 players. I dunno.

Had a hard time finding Realm Royal in the charts – servers are down. That game gets like 40k players.

The beauty of Ark is mod support. A game with Mod support will Never F’n Die. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds could be anything. It is a game that could literally last forever. It makes me mad it went back on MOD support. My guess is it will stray away from BR. I think that’s what they’re thinking. It will no longer be BR, people will stop playing pubg, and making it whatever they want because they can. Continue to grow BR, but at same time have Mod support. Or even make another client. Obviously it will bring cheaters. I dunno. They probably won’t, ever. 1.3 mil peak today.

Fallout 4 – I normally rock energy weapons, I try to get a lot of xp and join brothershood – prefer fallout 4 without the power armor.

“Jess wants to play Unravel 2. To play it we both want to have audio. I guess use VoiceMeter and plug in another headphone.”

Yes 8700k is at 5.3 (overclocked)

High dono for the day is agentlead $50

1166 subs for today.

Started watching a bunch of twitch clips.

Watched Fat Fuck Greek “cheat on diet video” – “Ohhhh nooooo”

Sodapoppin and Green IRL spicy chocolate. LUL

Choco video of him playing Trumpet “Music Lessons with Choco”.

Jess’s video of Troy but then Shoud and Just9n making weird noises in background.? What the hell were me and justin doing?

Everyone in the chat started posting clips

He watched a bunch of them.

Some crazy “Take on me..” song video with DEATH ending.

“WTF was that?!”

BDAY STREAM drinking w/ summit1g joshog & fl0m

When the drop is to much to handle

Can only get the titles.. going to fast…

Double Donger Sims video – JoshOG, chir exit, chair spins sooo clean.

Jess is scared to come in the room

The front panel of his USB panel stopped working. Someone suggested plug it into keyboard…

Jess wants him to import her characters into Shroud’s SIMs.. crazy.

Greek and Ape video (africa playing in background) they dance together – “that is gold” I love greek. Holy F

I’ve been streaming 11 hours –

shroud go to sleep video by lirik

Stay tuned tomorrow we’re going to play sims 4 tomorrow.

Peace out.

Ended stream with “John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads”

LOL false ending – fake stream ending – then he said “alright boys lets play some sims”.

He showed the Sims 4 loading screen for 30 seconds then went offline for real.

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