Shroud Twitch Stream Recap for Thursday 7/5/18

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Started stream with PUBG

Shroud wore Prison escapee black and whites, scarf, and glasses.

Last day / hours to buy ghost skins.

Played PUBG a couple hours with Just9n and chocoTaco then took Troy out for a walk.

PUBG squad highlight clips:

Where is he?

Troy eats the Mic  nom nom

J9 with the clutch

Trolling for ChocoTaco

Wado sings Country Home

Nice headshot

Eh eh where’s that nade!?

Told us the status of his desk:

Where the F is my desk?

Network Lag? PUBG down? Eat Pizza!

Pubg wouldn’t come back so Choco, J9, and Shroud all played Golf with Friends (including Wadu)

Finished Golf with Friends at around 2:45 and then started up PUBG again

Duos with Just9n

Mike said PUBG should have a way that you can save outfits, for example, “Beach outfit” or “policeman outfit”. So you can put together different items because there is soo many items in inventory now.

“Someone should try to make a BR game that doesn’t have points of interest. You can land in any area. Don’t give anything a name, everything fair/balanced but then it will make everything fair, I think.”

At 4:45p said, “I’m over it” and changed to SIMS.

Said he was looking forward to Proxima Royal but he never got to play it. Said no one plays it so he couldn’t try it. How did the game F up so hard? Does it even work?

He showed us his gun mug:

The SIMS 4! Continue the adventure of the BROYS. Said his goal is to play the guys until they die.

A bag of plastic melted on his candle.

Said his SIMS house is very big and he fucked up. Pro SIMS players were upset with his building structure. Mike in his winter jacket (Ace engineer), Justin is at work. Chad is at work, Choco, and Doc are chilling. He built way too big of a house and started with too many SIMS.

After SIMS he played Rainbow 6, his ranking is now Gold 3 or Gold 2

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