Shroud Twitch Stream Recap for Monday 8/13/18 – World of Warcraft

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J9: Just let me watch this.

S: I don’t care about your damn cinematics!

J9: I have an hour until the release. S: Release of what? J9: Don’t troll me! Release of WOW you know this!

S: Do I have permission to watch your stream? J9: Yeah S: What are you doing? J9: Watching the… S: LOL

S: I’m still laughing at how I trolled Just9n. You WOW’n? Should we prep? J9: How? S: I don’t know make a feast?

S: Don’t hate it yet. Watching WOW can be interesting, don’t hate it yet!

Question: Did you get into a fight? It’s be cause I was doing this for a while. (Holds and rests 2 fingers up to side of eye) You guys know about my face. (kinda looks like Mike got a black eye.)

“I like this song. (Cover of What’s in your head by cranberries).”

World of Warcraft

Ok we need to drop every single quest. What’s the quest we need to keep?

I always use default UI. I can’t stand the add ons. BTW, if you guys are feeling generous I could use some gold. I only have 200k.

God I love this game. I love it but I hate it. So much time spent on this game.

God I can’t f’n type! Sorry.

J9: Have you seen all the trailers?

S: Oh yeah stats list.

J9: It’s going to be around cataclysm XP. I think I might be able to help you I don’t know. I can just kill shit for you.

S: This is weird.

J9: Have you bought BFA? I don’t know what happened it’s a bug. I paid $20 and I got the deluxe version. I don’t know wtf happened. When I paid for regular $50 version.

S: DO I have it? How do I know? Guilded Ravasaur. I don’t remember buying it.

J9: I don’t remember buying it at all.

S: Where the f are my talents? Everyone’s playing WOW. I have to do this, do you want to help me out?

J9: Yeah I don’t know how to find you.

S: I’m in Ashvale right now. So weird they can only do fullscreen window. It’s f’n weird. I hate fullscreen window. Bullshit.

J9: I’m flying over you.

S: Hopefully this doesn’t take too long.

J9: I remember it takes about an hour.

S: I’m not going to be done with this by 3. J9: You f’d up a little bit. I’m not a lore person so I don’t know why. Wait do we burn their tree? J9: Yeah kill wisps then burn their tree. S: I like having low hit numbers.

S: What are the go-to talents for frost-mage?

Why is everyone playing WOW? Expansion day.

400k viewers and it’s not even live. Everyone is hyped.

Do you want to group up with me? J9: The big WOW streamers are just going to farm. S: that’s good right? J9: yeah.

S: I gotta do this pre-quest! I”m running out of time!

J9: Are you playing with Jess. S: No it’s cool I’ll play solo. J9: ARE YOU PLAYING IN MY GAME!?!?” S: lol alright man lets play some video games. J9: Alright join my discord.

S: Think I watch cut scenes? That’s funny. That’s a good meme.

(They have the best cinematics team though.) Oh I know. I know.

S: Undead are my favorite.

J9: Are you coming mike?

S: yeah yeah. What is his f’n discord picture I’m going to freak out. I can’t find it. I can’t find his f’n discord server. There it is, jesus. The way you sort it is just pictures. Give me names, not just picture.

S: War mode it on we’re going to fight every person we see! I’m only in this group because I’m trying to do this pre-shit. Everyone is telling me I need to do this.

S: Half my chat is saying I don’t need to do it. I don’t know what lorderon thing your talking about.

J9: You should just do it. I’m so undergeared. Rogues are kinda bullshit.

S: They’re getting rid of legendary weapons?

S: I don’t have a single add-on.

I told you to bring snacks!

Colby: I’m just the snack-man now?

This is messed up horde fighting alliance.

(How does he have mythic mount?) Cause I’m the mythic rider! No just kidding I got carried.

Alliance plebs.

J9: I think it’s starting to lag. J9: Oh I got kicked out. Alright I’m back we’re all good.

This is a cool mount! Woooo!

I should probably cover my chat with my webcam.

Sketchy shit in chat

WOW BR lol

If you’re not WOW fans, sorry. Because the expansion is coming. Yeah.

Yep WOW BR, that’s why there’s so much hype. Think about a WOW BR, I think that would work! You just zone in with your BG, you have your gear. You loot different buffs and work your way down.

I hate this shit about WOW.

This is still going? This loderon is taking for ever. There’s 5 MINUTES LEFT.

Whatever dropped I think broke the quest.

J9: We started, we’re in! I can’t complete the quest, hello!?

S: Syvannis is crazy. Is undercity dead? Is it toast? Bro undercity just got owned!

S: Finally I’m done! Look that I got an XP bar. Oh I didn’t turn on war mode, f!

S: I don’t know what talents are even good. J9: You shift-right-click it. S: I’m just going to pick one.

6-Month SubscriberTwitch Prime@shroud warmode talents are changable anytime you’re in a inn or major city


S: Oh that’s good. They changed the UI a little bit.

S: This is going well. Great expansion. J9: Smooth launch btw. S: smooth. OMEGALUL

S: My chat is saying people can’t even log in right now. People are just getting DC’d and shit, it’s a nightmare. You were DC’d that whole time Chun. I can’t talk. Oh I’m in!? I’m sitting at a black screen.

Appartenly you click Create New Character and go back a few times and it gets you in. J9: Oh I’m in!  S: C’mon! J9: This is not good I’m not loading in. I’m 3/4 of the way loading bar. I want my potion please!

J9: this is so stupid.

You guys really f’d up by waiting until 2:30 to do pre-quest.

J9: I’m just going to put my feet up on the desk. Isn’t this game great?

S: Kyle shut up! okay?!

S: Maybe I should refresh realms? OH WAIT NO! If I press Cancel I reset everything. Don’t press that button.

Kyle: haha I immediately regret this decision.


I’m going to google it. “Scream until my eyes bleed.” J9: Yep trying to enter world – still on black screen.

Been at least 30 min trying to get into the game…

Watches Summit1G playing


We are 20 subs closer to 60-muther-f’n-k!

This would be fun to play. My mage. Lets load the realm list and see if it works.

(Tried changing realms on phone) didn’t work…

I bought the collectors edition, I don’t deserve this kind of BS… (Screen stuck on “Logging in to game server”)

Going on an hour watching a black screen now… It’s trying to default me into the illoden realm. If I re-install the game, it will reset me back into a different realm. J9: Isn’t it 100GB.

I’ll be back for my re-logging in process. (AFK)

(He finally logs in as a Survival-Hunter.)

I have no idea how to play Survival Hunter. Serpent sting, raptor strike, wildfire bomb is the common rotation.

What the f is this quest I just got. I don’t want this. This is stupid as hell.

I’ve got 100 gold to my name.

Playing as “Spixxment” ?

I’m playing a pleb hunter.

Had to leave stream around 5pm PST let me know if I missed anything else


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