Shroud Twitch Stream Recap 8/23/18 – PUBG Twitch Stream Rivals

All credit goes to

“2 hour troll practice session before twitch rivals.”

Stream Start 12:30PM PST PUBG Duos with J9

That player was b-hopping. You know if they bhop right they’re a good player.

I need to go afk in about 9 minutes

Justin is hating because I got 2 hours of sleep (WOW).

I grinded WOW yesterday about 4 hours. I wanted to keep playing but I was like nope, got to keep my sleep schedule. A total of 10 hours of gaming. If you just play 4 hours of something, then ok, that’s not a lot.

Troy came by for a second, hit my leg, said hi and then he went away.

J9: Look at this map (Miramar) Looks so f’n weird

We should do crate training. It’s just I’m always here and I can watch him. Troy is the most chill husky ever. Just because you get a husky, doesn’t mean he’ll be a, you know, husky. Stereotype of breed. I hate when people stereotype pit bulls. They’re not evil. It’s not the pit bull that is aggressive, it’s the owners. Right?

J9 said he’s just going to chill until twitch rivals. This is so annoying (stream sniper). It’s more instructing them (pubg) how to ban them. The fun ones can hurt the integrity of the game though. The 30k viewers might think the fun ones are what the game is all about. It’s a good and bad thing.

10 minutes is the max delay.

I love Rust. I played rust so much. We still had stream snipers and we decided to make our own server named RustLife. We banned the stream snipers but it caused so much drama we had to close down our server. Twitch chat and everyone else got pissy we were doing that.

That gun is not good. (new QBUZ) It’s just not good. I think if I had an M4 I could have killed both those guys.

I was wondering if it was possible to cycle through all 100 new players every game? There’s some stuff you can do to help with stream snipers. But you’ll never get rid of them completely.

J9 is throwing up? You mean he’s going to the bathroom an you’re being dramatic? He’s definately sick with something. He’s been like this for a while. Constant stomach aches. I don’t think he’s dying. He might have caught something. If I get it I’m not going to PAX.

Oh the recoil! This gun is shit! It’s the worst! We’ll give it another chance, one more time. Needs a comp and a vert. If there’s a gun that NEEDS a comp and a vert, it’s not going to be that sick. I think if you master this gun it could be cool, but it’s hard to control; spray-wise. To be able to trace and spray, that’s the big problem with this gun. The AK you can control even without a comp. It’s too situational.

BRB - AFK 1:55 PM PST - Begin Twitch Rivals Comp

(Chat set to emots only)

Why isn’t the Doc playing? I don’t know, he’s busy doing something else? I almost sat this one out too. J9 is sick he just threw up.

Not a single person landed at military? I was hoping a bunch of people would land here, we’d go down early and we’d just chill heh. I’m kidding.

Haha there’s flares! That’s kind of cool.

Everyone is going to have crate weapons. The bridge looks different. Want to try to shoot a flare? Choco just owned a team.

(J9 shoots a flare.) You have to shoot it straight up. It’s not going to work that way. That’s a dud right there. Feels bad. This shit is resident fn sleeper right now. Should be Sanhok only. Delete these other two.

(shoots h1z1 out of the sky in a motorcycle flip) hahaha It’s BananaMan!

J9: That’s a bummer way to go out.

Mr. Madrinas Died to the Zone! No!

(J9 goes down) Shroud gets 2 kills. They tried a pincher move J9: It’s a shitty-ass game what do you expect? Your’e in a really good spot actually.

Another crate. Get the M249 – no the aug is almighty.

This guy’s trolling he shot the flare at me.

Damn swagger and choco are still up? That’s going to be legit.

I have 1 first aid bro.

Shroud killing to p0me etc.

13 kills


He messed me up on that peak – holey! I told you bro the aug. It’s litterally a laser at any range. 15! J9: holey shit I got one.

1st $1125 per Player 2nd $900 per Player 3rd $750 per Player 4th $650 per Player 5th $600 per Player 6th $550 per Player 7th $500 per Player 8th $475 per Player 9th $450 per Player 10th $400 per Player 11th $350 per Player 12th $300 per Player 13th $275 per Player 14th $250 per Player 15th $225 per Player 16th $200 per Player


Choco: Feels bad. Feels bad indeed.

Shroud: I would have done the same thing as swagger. He knew he was in 1v1 with me. Why would I heal because I would just lose position. It’s hard to think about that stuff when you’re in the zone.

Hanna, you were so close to killing me you were so close. Dillon likes to wear my hoodie. He’s wearing it right now. Avery is wearing my shirt. It’s comfy. It’s cold maybe? If I wore it I would die. I’d rather play shirtless if I could. Maybe one of these days shroud will release a hat. Look, i’m not sure these are your colors.

It’s coming in November. It’s a snap-back. I wish I could wear them. I just look so stupid in hats. I can’t pull them off. I look good in trucker hats.

(Sanhok starting) This is our map! 6x UMP. Everyone’s saying where’s Doc. I only said yes because you were down (J9).

I don’t trust using this new gun right now.

Uh oh I hear Troy’s bell jingling around.

Lexi got killed by holo.

Troy somehow found a way to open my door and sneaking out on the balcony.

He opened my balcony door and he’s sneaking out. I hope he knows its a big drop. He was actually really enjoying himself but I don’t trust him.

Good shit brother we’re getting frags left and right!

Die’s with 28 alive.. I told you. They could have killed us or flanked us but they were hiding. They got me. Now it’s your turn, have fun!

Justin could win, he’;s just as good as me. He’s a little sick though.

6 bullets J9 vs Wadu&Lurn (Clip)

Let’s go dude! THat was insane! How?! How does he live?

Wadu had an M14 and he played that scared?

You would have won. The only threat would have been Ashek and Lumi.

Lumi won!

LastGreyWolf got J9

3:35 PM PST

Twitch Rivals Standings after Round 2

Next Round, Miramar

J9 and Shroud go down early.


God this is going to take sooo lonnngg.

When we play PAX broadcaster royal it’s going to be dumb.

You can’t treat battle royal competitively. There’s no way to make battle royal competitive and fair. They’re just trying to create a different spin on pro gaming I don’t think it works anymore.

I do believe there will be a game that will come out that will work, but it probably won’t feel like BR.

J9- I tried to punch jordan out.

H1Z1 has a decent system for competetive BR. Only 2 weapons, good movement, and pretty good leaderboard, kill multipliers and stuff. You didn’t get points for 1st place, all you get is 2x the points you normally get. It’s not a bad system, it just needs to be fine tuned and tweaked.

Who came?? (Clip)

Banana Man Wins!

We want another puppy. You know me, I’m doing the stream grind. Here’s the good thing 2 dogs they tire eachother out. It’s a lot of work. With training. If you have one adult dog that’s already trained, that’s a little easier. I know we’re getting 2 dogs for sure. Just not sure if we want to do it in this house.

“Minimum of 5 kills or a win is not valid” haha that’s funny, that would force people to fight. This is the 4th game. We’re almost done. I think kills should be favored.

Alright Game 4 on Erangel.

I’m glad we got this car. Do you want to play it safe?

This might be the play, or it might not be the play. J9: I’m scare because my level 1 vest and helmet. S: Welcome to RNG.

Do you want to stop and check the bridge? We can inch up in this car without getting owned.

He’s insane (Clip)

6 kills. Hitting some bangers that’s for sure.

Another chicken dinner!

Now we just need to get a top 10 and we get first. J9 – I just want to go to sleep.

S: We got sooo lucky. We got a good drop, a bunch of loot, took the bridge, flares, 2 AWMs we just go lucky the flare got some much good shit. Luck honestly. We got the circle.

I’m going to watch Jordan, my ex n0thing cloud 9 teammate. Jordan n0thing Gilbert. This man is a living legend. Anyway google search him, he is very … if you’re inspired by me, you’ll get really inspired by Jordan. THe man that inspired me. When I was 10 and he was 14. – you have no idea how nervous I was when I joined that team. How good they were back then in North America. Also Jordan was on the Joe Rogan podcast a couple years ago. He doesn’t get nervous for much but he was nervous the 1st 15 minutes. If you haven’t seen the special with Jordan on the Joe Rogan podcast I suggest you watch it.

It’s funny when I first met him in person we were actually rooming together. I’m like bro, you’re the reason I play CS. You know what, 5 years from now, you’ll be the one that people will be inspired by. I’m like is that true, and he said hell yeah you’re owning. And then we had sex.

(n0thing starts talking to Mike in stream: Mikey, I looked over this rock and I gooshed this guy. (Mike LUL’d) Just like you said I’ve gotten better at the leans).

N0thing: Can I get a 1000 gifted subs from Shroud right now?

Jordan’s still pretty new to PUBG. I hope he wins. If he wins I gift him 200 subs. I haven’t seen Jordan in so long. In person. At the L.A. event at the DeadMou5 event.

We won another twitch rivals event wooo! Who cares. Good job J9 (fist-bumps camera)

(Jordan gets killed: that’s so dumb, he was sitting behind the bar the whole time.)

Jack goes off (clip)

Swag was hiding there since the beginning of the fight. I killed choco. I lost the 1v1. I knew he was in that spot for the whole time. Jordan, you were holding that door hard. You knew he was in that window. Instead of holding door, you lean and 2 tap him. He showed his whole body. If you were holding the angle lean, you don’t lose.

Jerico is still alive. He leans with his character.

Holo’s good at this game. (wins)

haha The hosts are trying to buy time while they figure out standings.

Oh the Tie! That’s crazy! LETS GO! We had 2.7 each? That’s great! Me justin holo lawler, all 4 wins 2725 each.

Tie breaker custom game. First time tie for 1st and 2nd. Same exact money. I think holo had more kills.

I had 15, then 6, 1, 9, fifth game I had 1. We got decent kills.

Anyway, tied for 1st. Holo’s a really good player. He wants to shake my hand at PAX. I will. I want to get to know you in a non-weird way.

Twitch chat is so toxic. If you don’t have crazy thick skin, – if I kill you… they get mean. There’s nothing I can do about it.

Wait ELEX came out? What the hell is this game? This game looks kindof cool. Is it good? Summit’s played it?

Checks out Starless Night game (made by someone just out of highschool). I took a peek, I think I’ll pass though. I will buy it and support your game development dream. Who knows he might make new hit game in 2020.

Goes AFK at 6PM PST
Plays Hail to the King

I’m addicted to this game.

6:20PM PST. World of Warcraft

I love wow. I wanted to buy these boots. 355 boots. I bought $100 worth of WOW tokens.

The auction house takes a cut too. I’m paying to win so hard. Call me soda.

You can only buy 5 at a time. Last night when I got off. I kept pressing it, buy now buy now. But I know when I had 5 I couldn’t buy more until I sell them.

I got level 15 heart finally.

I’m a caster. I’m all about casting.

New world quest in 2 minutes? No isn’t it an hour?

Did you know Realm Royale has lost 90% of it’s players?

1800 players omg such a crazy drop

Battled Golanar the river lord

I’m so far behind on rep. I didn’t hit 120 until 4 days later.

Went AFK 8:10PM PST

You know what I should be doing is Random Heroics and Random Dungeon. It’s only 150 but…

I always forget, you can cast while blinking.

Signing off for the night – Mike still on WOW (& Just9n still grindin)

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