Shroud Twitch Stream Recap for Monday 8/13/18 – World of Warcraft

All credit goes to

J9: Just let me watch this.

S: I don’t care about your damn cinematics!

J9: I have an hour until the release. S: Release of what? J9: Don’t troll me! Release of WOW you know this!

S: Do I have permission to watch your stream? J9: Yeah S: What are you doing? J9: Watching the… S: LOL

S: I’m still laughing at how I trolled Just9n. You WOW’n? Should we prep? J9: How? S: I don’t know make a feast?

S: Don’t hate it yet. Watching WOW can be interesting, don’t hate it yet!

Question: Did you get into a fight? It’s be cause I was doing this for a while. (Holds and rests 2 fingers up to side of eye) You guys know about my face. (kinda looks like Mike got a black eye.)

“I like this song. (Cover of What’s in your head by cranberries).”

World of Warcraft

Ok we need to drop every single quest. What’s the quest we need to keep?

I always use default UI. I can’t stand the add ons. BTW, if you guys are feeling generous I could use some gold. I only have 200k.

God I love this game. I love it but I hate it. So much time spent on this game.

God I can’t f’n type! Sorry.

J9: Have you seen all the trailers?

S: Oh yeah stats list.

J9: It’s going to be around cataclysm XP. I think I might be able to help you I don’t know. I can just kill shit for you.

S: This is weird.

J9: Have you bought BFA? I don’t know what happened it’s a bug. I paid $20 and I got the deluxe version. I don’t know wtf happened. When I paid for regular $50 version.

S: DO I have it? How do I know? Guilded Ravasaur. I don’t remember buying it.

J9: I don’t remember buying it at all.

S: Where the f are my talents? Everyone’s playing WOW. I have to do this, do you want to help me out?

J9: Yeah I don’t know how to find you.

S: I’m in Ashvale right now. So weird they can only do fullscreen window. It’s f’n weird. I hate fullscreen window. Bullshit.

J9: I’m flying over you.

S: Hopefully this doesn’t take too long.

J9: I remember it takes about an hour.

S: I’m not going to be done with this by 3. J9: You f’d up a little bit. I’m not a lore person so I don’t know why. Wait do we burn their tree? J9: Yeah kill wisps then burn their tree. S: I like having low hit numbers.

S: What are the go-to talents for frost-mage?

Why is everyone playing WOW? Expansion day.

400k viewers and it’s not even live. Everyone is hyped.

Do you want to group up with me? J9: The big WOW streamers are just going to farm. S: that’s good right? J9: yeah.

S: I gotta do this pre-quest! I”m running out of time!

J9: Are you playing with Jess. S: No it’s cool I’ll play solo. J9: ARE YOU PLAYING IN MY GAME!?!?” S: lol alright man lets play some video games. J9: Alright join my discord.

S: Think I watch cut scenes? That’s funny. That’s a good meme.

(They have the best cinematics team though.) Oh I know. I know.

S: Undead are my favorite.

J9: Are you coming mike?

S: yeah yeah. What is his f’n discord picture I’m going to freak out. I can’t find it. I can’t find his f’n discord server. There it is, jesus. The way you sort it is just pictures. Give me names, not just picture.

S: War mode it on we’re going to fight every person we see! I’m only in this group because I’m trying to do this pre-shit. Everyone is telling me I need to do this.

S: Half my chat is saying I don’t need to do it. I don’t know what lorderon thing your talking about.

J9: You should just do it. I’m so undergeared. Rogues are kinda bullshit.

S: They’re getting rid of legendary weapons?

S: I don’t have a single add-on.

I told you to bring snacks!

Colby: I’m just the snack-man now?

This is messed up horde fighting alliance.

(How does he have mythic mount?) Cause I’m the mythic rider! No just kidding I got carried.

Alliance plebs.

J9: I think it’s starting to lag. J9: Oh I got kicked out. Alright I’m back we’re all good.

This is a cool mount! Woooo!

I should probably cover my chat with my webcam.

Sketchy shit in chat

WOW BR lol

If you’re not WOW fans, sorry. Because the expansion is coming. Yeah.

Yep WOW BR, that’s why there’s so much hype. Think about a WOW BR, I think that would work! You just zone in with your BG, you have your gear. You loot different buffs and work your way down.

I hate this shit about WOW.

This is still going? This loderon is taking for ever. There’s 5 MINUTES LEFT.

Whatever dropped I think broke the quest.

J9: We started, we’re in! I can’t complete the quest, hello!?

S: Syvannis is crazy. Is undercity dead? Is it toast? Bro undercity just got owned!

S: Finally I’m done! Look that I got an XP bar. Oh I didn’t turn on war mode, f!

S: I don’t know what talents are even good. J9: You shift-right-click it. S: I’m just going to pick one.

6-Month SubscriberTwitch Prime@shroud warmode talents are changable anytime you’re in a inn or major city


S: Oh that’s good. They changed the UI a little bit.

S: This is going well. Great expansion. J9: Smooth launch btw. S: smooth. OMEGALUL

S: My chat is saying people can’t even log in right now. People are just getting DC’d and shit, it’s a nightmare. You were DC’d that whole time Chun. I can’t talk. Oh I’m in!? I’m sitting at a black screen.

Appartenly you click Create New Character and go back a few times and it gets you in. J9: Oh I’m in!  S: C’mon! J9: This is not good I’m not loading in. I’m 3/4 of the way loading bar. I want my potion please!

J9: this is so stupid.

You guys really f’d up by waiting until 2:30 to do pre-quest.

J9: I’m just going to put my feet up on the desk. Isn’t this game great?

S: Kyle shut up! okay?!

S: Maybe I should refresh realms? OH WAIT NO! If I press Cancel I reset everything. Don’t press that button.

Kyle: haha I immediately regret this decision.


I’m going to google it. “Scream until my eyes bleed.” J9: Yep trying to enter world – still on black screen.

Been at least 30 min trying to get into the game…

Watches Summit1G playing


We are 20 subs closer to 60-muther-f’n-k!

This would be fun to play. My mage. Lets load the realm list and see if it works.

(Tried changing realms on phone) didn’t work…

I bought the collectors edition, I don’t deserve this kind of BS… (Screen stuck on “Logging in to game server”)

Going on an hour watching a black screen now… It’s trying to default me into the illoden realm. If I re-install the game, it will reset me back into a different realm. J9: Isn’t it 100GB.

I’ll be back for my re-logging in process. (AFK)

(He finally logs in as a Survival-Hunter.)

I have no idea how to play Survival Hunter. Serpent sting, raptor strike, wildfire bomb is the common rotation.

What the f is this quest I just got. I don’t want this. This is stupid as hell.

I’ve got 100 gold to my name.

Playing as “Spixxment” ?

I’m playing a pleb hunter.

Had to leave stream around 5pm PST let me know if I missed anything else


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Shroud Twitch Stream Recap for Thursday 8/9/18

All credit goes to

Started stream around 11:30am PST

Shroud watched the Red Dead Redemption II Official game play trailer

“This game is gonna bang. It’s going to f’n bang. But it’s not coming out on PC until later. I’m gonna play it on console but I’m gonna hate it. There’s no way they don’t release this title on PC. There’s no way.”

“Omg everet. Everet gave 20 Tier 1 subs gifts. ”

About his streaming PC – “I use the quad capture. You can start with aver media. Or you can use the Magewell USB capture 3.0 . Simple just a couple HDMI cables. Or one. You just plug it into your computer. HDMI > gaming PC > HDMI > streaming PC.”

Summit Kills his Brother

“How did he see that? He’s getting so good at that game now.”

Are you still banned? Negative.

“OMG WTF Moster Hunter World number on steam. (237K) There’s no way there’s not that many people playing. It has to be Asia also. There’s no way. ”

“FYI, PUBG is banning stream snipers for stalking. Someone out there is taking them out. If you’re going to do it, be sneaky about. That’s it.”

PUBG solos

Everet, you own! You gave 20 gifts, $100. You own.”

I’m just looking out for stream snipers that also play.

All time high sub count. 54351

“I love this game. This is insane wtf is going on? This is crazy there’s this many people. Let’s party.”

Feels good man.. feels bad man

“I wish I could spectate and then go back to the death cam. Are you lunch box? Did you get banned? I have no control here. If you want to play the game, I’m warning you, you’ll be banned. You can’t blame me for getting banned I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“I tried gifting 100 subs and it didn’t work, my card didn’t work. ”

“xgingersnap gifted total of 100 subs today. holy… what?”

“The new sub gifting package you can give individuals. Or pick a number and it will randomly pick people from chat, then mods, then followers.” Really cool system actually.”

“Troy’s poops are finally, finally starting to get solid. We have him on a diet that should not cause him diarrhea. We have to do tests to figure out what was causing it in the first place.”

“I’m obsessed with using the 2x. I think it’s because of the purple (reticule).”

“Are they banning wadu? They’re probably banning him. If he’s smart he probably wouldn’t do that right now. Everyone knows wadu, he doesn’t have to stream snipe. He can just do his thing.”

500 gift subs from EdgimusPrime, you are owning!

Streamer Protection

Twitch should also be able to get the streamer to be able to make custom gift badges. It should also be like bits where they hit certain numbers and the icon changes and the streamer can change it. Those 500 subs are gone next month.

You guys are going to hear this alert like 500 times. I turned it down though (gift sub alert).

Hit 55k subs! Ay oh, we did it!

“I’m not actually buying a 100k watch you are crazy. ”

“I message him every day (alhashmi) he is part of the Dubai watch club. They put their last watch on hold for me to purchase. I’m not buying that. Not yet. 60k watch for 60k subs you got it.”

“Ok edgimusprime donated another $100. That’s a lot of money, shit. I literally own 2 pair of shoes, and one of them is destroyed. I wanna own more shoes because I destroy them quickly. The thing is, Chad is my shoe guy. I go to him when I need shoes. We haven’t done that in a while. I don’t care much for shoes. I’ve never owned more than 3 pairs of shoes. But I’d like to have more variety. I have Louis V’s hightops. My first high tops. I’m always wearing shorts unless it’s a special occasion.”

“Part of me thinks Chad doesn’t enjoy streaming all that much. That he would be happier doing other things in the gaming community. Because he has options if he wants. I’m pretty sure Chad wants to move to Vegas.”

“Those 2 maps kinda got ruined for me. Even this maps gets a little slow can you imagine the other maps?”

“Are you going to play the new insurgency? The beta comes out today. I don’t know. I want to play monster hunter. I’m not sure if it’s my style. I do, I don’t I don’t know.”

“There’s 250000 people playing Monster Hunter on Steam. It’s farming. It’s owning.”

New meta

I want to test this gun at more of a range (UMP w/ 6x). I wanna test this gun at 200 meters. I wanna know. It’s hard to find someone at 200 meters. There’s always a perfect amount of cover so that it’s never over 200 meters.

Justin downloaded Monster Hunter. I think we’re both going to be newbies.

Shroud gifting 50 subs to his plebs

Are you capping FPS? No. It’s uncapped.

Yeah Jess isn’t here until Saturday night. I’m not going to ruin my schedule but I’ll probably end up streaming more than I normally do. Like tonight I’ll probably stream late as f. I still want to be in bed at midnight maybe end my stream at 11. He’s gotta be on our schedule too. He knows midnight. He can tell time.

“Stewie I’m inviting you now. I’m going to have a little house warming party if you’re interested. Bring your swimsuit.”

J9 joined the chat. J9: “You know when Doc talks about hot acidic diarrhea? I’m taking it to the next volcano level. I’m waiting to go live because I might have to rush to the bathroom any second. Yep yep yep yep yep yep!” S: “Hahah I can imagine him sprinting to the bathroom. He ate taco bell. Think about it, it’s a good thing. Fast food, fast shits. You should have some pepto.” J9: “YOU SHOULD NEVER TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE MICHAEL!”

S: How many emotes do you have now? J9: Oh, 39. I think 5k is the cap. I still have 5 extra. I think you should delete your main channel and see how well you do on your 2nd channel.” S: “I would probably crash and burn” J9: “I think I have swamp ass. I feel ill. Did you know there’s somethign called manpons? They’re like tampons but for you butthole.” S:”That’s actually what they’re called? How do you know this? You’re not leaking, you’re hurting you need a cream or something.” J9: “Will you put that on for me?” S: “Yeah sure cause one day you’ll have to do it for me.”

Monster Hunter World Duos with J9

Yeah this is pretty troll. (Goes through training tutorials solo)

J9: Are we playing together? S: How do I do that? Gathering hub?

J9: I’m in the Canteen, chillin. I know how to do it now.

16 can be in a hunt. J9: You can invite me I guess. S: How do I do that? J9: I don’t know. S: It just kicked me out. J9: Communication error occurred? S: Yeah. Shit’s f’n broken.

S: “Oh hey I can see you!” Do you like how I look? Yeah you don’t like a girl at all.”

“Why is this so confusing?” J9: “Because it’s a port from console.”

J9: “I’m on the quest now.”

S: Yeah I guess you gotta do it solo or something. This is very difficult. These controls are interesting. I don’t even know what “R” does.

S: “It is so yellow outside it is crazy.”

S: (In training grounds) Oh! This is way better than a bow! J9: Yeah I’m owning. What are you using? S: Sword and shield. (confusion) I’m just trying to play some co-op.

J9: I’m upgrading my sword, upgrading my armor.

S: I can make some bone armor? I don’t know what I’m making, I’m buying it. Sounded cool so I bought it. Look at me, I look sweet! I wanna eat.

“Woo! This is kinda fun! Go for it’s tail”

“Goddammit! I wanna mount it!. I don’t like the music in this game.”

Ok done with Monster Hunter around 7:30pm and jumped into Rainbow 6 Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege

Playing DOC as KeisezrG

Went 9 and 1 on a defeat

9 and 1

Rank Platinum I – 4110

Another 9 kill defeat

You can spam this wall?? I’m dead.

Dono $500 – AlHashmi had a hookup on a watch. Specifically held a watch for me. It is kind of an investment. It’s weird to think about because it’s a physical item.

Another $1500 dono from Alhasmi99000 total of $2500 for the day

More R6 will be back on tomorrow around noon. GG’s everybody. Farewell.

Ended stream by hosting Lil_Lexi.

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Shroud Twitch Stream Recap for Tuesday 8/7/18

All credit goes to

Started stream around 2:30pm

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds solos

Stream title: “Unbanned Tomorrow!”

Shroud’s skins today

Opinion on Putin

I love when my feet are freezing. My feet are cold and it feels so good!

“New desk, new house? I don’t know where to put everything. I want to move in after the landscaping is done, after I’ve closed. Leave it in it’s box for a little bit. I should probably do that, that’s a great idea. My worry is if I set it up at this place, and then move it, and the movers fuck it up. I think that’s what I’m going to do. Leave it in it’s packaging.”

Alhashmi $500 dono. And another $500.

Flawks song and chicken dinner

“I feel like he’s using his stream snipe time effectively (Flawks).”

“I’m using a different keyboard than the one in the description below. I’m not sure I was supposed to tell you about the new keyboard I don’t think it’s been announced.”

“In 2 hours they have 3 hours maintenance – they won’t be live until 8:30? Resident f’n sleeper. Oh I’m still going to be banned. Maybe the 8th is their time, not my time. They normally do these updates a day earlier. Maybe there’s a chance I’ll get unbanned with the update. I think in Korea it’s the 8th? Maybe I’m unbanned? Should I check? I’m just going to ask (text’s someone at bluehole).”

“I wonder if it’s automated. Everyone is very sure it’s automated.”

Flick 2 – insane

“Did you get your desk? Yeah. You see the cardboard behind me? It’s an L desk – 72 x 72 x 30 it’s 6 feet this way 6 feet that way.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing with BFA.”

“Kenrick got banned. I know that.”

“So funny when he sleeps, he lays on his side, then on his back then on his other side. He’s slowly rolling. He does it enough times he ends up across the room. He falls off his bed a lot.”

“SLR is the best DMR in the game. Mini and QBU are pretty much the same thing. I don’t think there is a recoil difference.”

Video of the screenshot above with “Keyboard leaked”

“I’ll be un-banned tomorrow morning.”

“When I go on tomorrow I will have my berlin skins and all the other stuff.”

“Make the winchester – give it a 2x. That would be the shit. Only a 2x. I’d be down, that’d be fun. I don’t know why they haven’t done that a long time ago.”

“Oh god did the servers go down? Is steam down? Yep. Steam is down for routine maintenance. Why is the vector so strong? It just has a very high rate of fire.”

“Oh well just chat I guess. Do you like my T-Shirt?”

Shroud starts watching videos.

Byron’s new TV

Watches a guy dancing ron-cton dance. “Everyone loves that shit. Tripalosky”

“Grims gets like 13-14 clicks per second. I get 11.”

“Oh man, No Man’s Sky is farming. Oh lyric only streams 6 hours a day. Lyric got a code to play.”

Grimmmz shoots fast bro.

“He shoots much faster than me that’s for sure. Click speed just looks insane, but that’s not the impressive part. Most people can probably do 9, 10 per second.”

(missed a couple hours of the stream)

Rainbow 6 Seige – Ridin Solo

Rainbow 6 Settings


Shroud’s Level 82

Shroud’s Squad:

“That was a pretty good game for me. I think I’m getting a little more “comfortable.

“I’m going to open 50 when I get 100,000. ”

Comeback win


Shroud began to watch HyperX IRL stream

4091 Platinum II – I need 9 more points.

Alpha pack – is it gonna be a black ice?

left stream @ around 10:30pm w/ shroud still streaming R6 Seige.


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How to Set Clock Time on AD domain Controller and Sync Windows Clients

How to find your Active Directory Network Time Server

If someone complains that the time on a Windows 7 /Windows 10 PC is off, we can first sync the Domain Controller to an External Time Source, then sync their PC to the DC. How do you sync the computer to the same time as the cell phone/NIST/External Time Source, and make sure that all computers on your network have the same time as the domain controller?

First, determine from a client computer which computer is the authority for your time server. This is usually your Primary Domain Controller. To do so, on the client PC, open a command prompt and run the command:

net time

This should return something similar to the following:

This shows “Current time at \\” which is your net time authority.

How to check your domain controller time against a global time provider:

On the server that net time identified (NETTIMESERVER / primary domain controller,) right-click on your PowerShell icon and choose Run as Administrator.

Run the following command to only check how much time your server is off from the global time authority. This command doesn’t do the sync, it just displays how much time your server is off. The result will display plus or minus hours/minutes/seconds/fractions of seconds.

w32tm /stripchart / /dataonly

The results should display something similar to the following (hit CTRL+C to stop the data stream):

So we can see our DC is ahead by 39 seconds.

Sync Domain Controllers Time Against Global Time Authority

So now we want to manually configure our server to use a certain global time provider: – to do this run the following command:

w32tm /config / /syncfromflags:MANUAL

The terminal should return “The command completed successfully.”

Next type:

w32tm /config /update

Again you should receive a message “The command completed successfully.”

Now to immediately synchronize the time use the following command:

w32tm /resync

We can now check again how much the time is off from the global provider by issuing the stripchart/dataonly command and check the results. You can see here that our time is now off by less than a second:

Sync Windows 7 or Windows 10 with Domain Controller

PC’s on the network that authenticate against our domain controller should automatically pick up the new time from the time server after a reboot. However if we want we can manually sync the time on the client with the net time domain controller. To do so, issue the command:

net time \\ /set /y

This command should return the message “The command completed successfully.”

Our time on our PC is now synced with the domain controller, and the domain controller is now synced with



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Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Wednesday 7/25/18

All credit goes to

Started stream around 10:30a.m.

PUBG Solos

Shroud: “I’ve gotta leave 4 hours ahead of time to get there. LA traffic rush hour, not fun. But going to be my first First Class flight. Most exciting part!”

Choco: I’ve never been first class you’ll have to report back. Shroud: Will do.

Choco: Did you watch Game 1? (Berlin competition) Shroud: Yeah a little.

Did you get the new sporty set (skins)? They inverted the colors. Black top and white tights. It’s cool I wish we got more weapon skins.

S: “Did you see the Dacia?” Choco: “Will be faster with the flames.” S: I don’t know if that’s how that works.

Shroud: It’s better to start on something less popular. They want to hit the twitch viewers. On Friday FPP starts. Choco: 3rd person is much more popular. 75% of NA games are 3rd person. In Asia, 98% is 3rd person. It literally makes less sense.

S: You gotta realize in Asia, not everyone cheats, but a lot of them do and cheat to see who has better cheats. Not everyone in Asia, but it’s a big mindset over there. That’s their way of competitiveness.

Steam is just the worst. The latest update is worse. They removed the ability to go offline. You have to turn off your steam overlay completely.

Duos with Choco

“After this game we are swapping back. This map is terrible (Miramar). Stream snipers are hiding, I’m so afraid!”

“It’s crazy how desperate people are for an MMO. Why is so hard to make a good MMO? The amount of money it takes to make a game like that is absurd. ”

Baby Rage

Choco: “Ow my ears.”

What the hell is Defiance 2050?

Why did Just9n shave his head? No it looks fine.

The parachute is cool, but you see it for like, 10 seconds. It’s the one skin that will work in 1st and 3rd person.

He shaved his head last night. It’s all gone. Should I do that? My hair grows really fast.

This is a laggy mess. (choco gets knocked) – I’m coming choco! I can’t res you. Put your ass to my hand.

Get some speed – Barrel roll!!

We hit 50K! Can I get an easy clap in the chat? Can I get an easy clap?

Shroud’s Suicide

EZ Slap



To Choco: “Did you hear Just9n shaved his head. Because he said if he got 3K subs.”

Shroud plays a little Miley Cyrus: Party in the USA

Get a helicopter to LAX? God that would be epic! I might consider this.

I have to go to the bathroom, but the dog’s asleep. But I don’t want to go because I’m going to wake him up and I don’t want to be that guy…


Missed about an hour stream ended with hosting Summit1G

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Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Tuesday 7/24/18

All credit goes to

Started his stream around 1:00pm PST

Duos with Dr. Disrespect

Doc’s and Shroud’s Skins:

Doc: “Alright let’s make this happen!”

Winnie Ownage

Shroud: “OMG there are so many people. People still play this map?” Doc: “People still play this game?”

Doc: “Your stream snipers are so much different. Your’s are like ‘Shroud! Shroud! I love you!’ Mine are like hiding in a container for 20 minutes then kill me.”

Rook LUL

“It’s crazy how bad the other maps are now that (sanhok) this one is out. They need to fix the other maps. If you bring the loot up to what this map has, omg that would be so fun.”

Doc: “You’re really cocky and it pisses me off Shroud.” Shroud: “That’s what everyone else says.”

(Gets killed by honker in buggy) Shroud: “Nobody ever shoots the streamsnipe honkers. Ever.”

Shroud: “My flight’s tomorrow. Stream tomorrow morning for a little while. Probably a 3-4 hour stream tomorrow. I’m leaving during rush hour. My flight’s at 7. So I’m going to have to leave a 3, maybe? I think I’m one stop in Frankfurt, and then Berlin. How am I supposed to my my connection.” Doc: “I’d love to see you in a full sprint.”

Shroud: “Were you shocked to see Ninja? I was shocked to see that.”

New house: “I wanna throw a home gym in the garage but Jess said it’s going to get hot as hell. How the hell am I going to get the AC in it.?”

“I hold ADS, not toggle.”

Shroud: I wanna find this LootMe guy and take him out of the game. Does he teleport? Doc: That’s him, that’s his pattern. Shroud: He has a pattern? Doc: He paid $999 for his cheat somewhere on the internet. S: So he’s the Doc protector? D: He’s not a protector. I killed him one game. S: how do you like the new car? D: It’s pretty solid. S: We’ll find one. D: I know you’re real cocky. S: We’re fine in this car. (They find one). D: What the hell is this? S: Have some fun, take some hills. D: OK S: Omg I wish they made it accelerate faster, it has an ok top speed, it’s just too slow. D: I don’t know what’s worse this horn or your doorbell. S: My doorbell is the Dr. D song. S: I got my car stuck. It’s perfectly wedged in here. What happened to your vehicle? Did it flip? D: yeahhhh…”

Shroud 1v1 and guy sings “Country road but replaces lyrics with “Wadu wadu waduhek.

S: “Alhashmi you’re a great guy you know that? Thank you man. ($500 donor) 32.5. I didn’t close a home, but I’m locked into a home, closing in a couple months hopefully.”

“Are we gonna hit fifty k today? We might hit 50k (subs).”

“The event in L.A. – those PC’s were pretty bad. Those were i5, 1080ti.”

“You know I’m about to have a PC sponsor soon. It’s exciting but I don’t know when it’s happening.”

“No QBU is terrible (new gun). There’s no point. On the other maps it would be fine. The map is small. Any gun works you can use an ump.”

“Can you tell me your life story?” D: A new command center in the arena. I might send you an invite.

S: I’ve just locked a deal in on a house. S: Man your first house at what, 42 years old?” S: F U, If you were to guess how much. It’s 4 bedrooms, but it has 2 rooms won’t be rooms, they’ll be lofts. So it’s technically 6. Alright, it’s 3.  D: what the hell do you need that for? S: will you quit dying? D: how big’s your yard. The whole lot is 10k sq ft. The yard’s probably about 5k sq ft. D: I’m thinking 1.8 and 2.2. S: you’re good Doc – it’s in that range. D: I’m looking at it right now on google maps.

S: It’s tough to win on this map, with all the snipers.

S: Dono question: Why is Doc such a cry baby? “He’s not. I don’t want to have to explain.”

S: Doc are you bringing your gear to berlin? Probably my headphones and mousepad.

S: Are you going to have fiber in your new command center? D: I don’t think so. S: C’mon!” D: I’m talking to google to get it around the infinity pool S: You’re going to have an another infinity pool? I’m getting a pool. That will be fun. No point for an infinity pool, stupid.”

S: I see your point, getting a pool is expensive, maintaining the pool is expensive. I guess it comes down to how much we use it. I seriously think I will use it more than a community pool. I agree, having a pool – it’s kinda sick. I’ve always wanted a pool, but I mean we’re probably going to have 4 people living in the house. We can also invite people on the weekend and actually use the pool. I said we Might have a 4th person. Jess wants a friend of hers to stay with us. Jess needs a broy as well. Me and justin just stream all day so..”

yes, I’m not a fan of twitch con because I feel like I should, but yeah I’m going.

Is it harder to buy being Canadian. It’s more expensive and I need to provide more information. That’s the only difference.

I’m thinking about maybe a dog/kiddy pool separate from the main pool, that would be fun. There’s a lot you can do with landscaping.

Why don’t you play some IO9?

D: I’m done, going to play some fortnite. S: I thought you uninstalled it? D: No I just got an 11 kill win. S: OK. D: Next time. S: Next time will be in Berlin! D: You better prep. (Doc leaves)

PUBG Solos

Q: Are you seeing D-Sync in top 10? “Yeah sometimes.”

Q: Will you stream the event? “Yeah I think all the streamers can stream. I don’t know if they have to, but I will stream, yeah. Mic quality won’t be as good, but I’m still going to stream.”

Apparently all the teams are listed on the website.

(Gets killed) Assassinated from both f’n sides…

50K hype: we’re getting there.

Q: WIll you shave your legs if I donate a hundred dollars? No.

The home, it may be difficult for a 3rd streamer to live there. 2 is perfect. But. I tried to line up the loud streamers, Justin and I downstairs, and Jess from time to time upstairs. Is J9 paying for the house too? Rent. I guess.

It’s actually hard to find a pistol on this map. I could do pistols only.

I think J9 would feel bad living in my house without paying rent.

J9 gives $2k donation. “Nice” “This is how he pays rent.”

“F’n troll dude. you know, donating to pay rent is really bad. Awkward for my CPA, but that’s fine. I’m curious, I want to log into paypal and see how much they take.”

“I can just refund it, and they don’t take their cut. Paypal is confusing; I don’t understand it. Hey man $200 is $200.” J9: “Free rent I heard.” S: “haha goddamnit.”

“I think I need to AFK, to send all these documents over. I need to send this ASAP to go through with pre-approval. If I keep playing I’ll forget about it.”

(Goes AFK working on banking stuff)

“I really like Shine Down. Shine Down is an acquired taste. At first I wasn’t a fan, but the more I listen, I’m like F yeah I like it.”

Back to PUBG solos

(Dono says) “4.20 dollars for every kill? F yeah I like this game.”

“Why did J9 donate 2500? He hasn’t paid rent in a few months so he just threw some money at me.”

plays for a while – afk

Shroud PUBG custom match

“We can do anything with these settings. Crossbows only. We can do anything (Match Settings). This is litteraly going to be R45 only.”

“Ok we’re good. Game name: why wont this work”. Password is 2222. (shit filled up fast). No helmets but vest is fine.

Hey Wadu got in! Floppy got in! You quick!

I don’t play any MMO’s anymore. I just been streaming a lot. That’s all I’ve been doing. I haven’t had time for anything else. I’m only interested in WOW classic, that’s all.

(gets killed quickly) that’s the problem with custom games. I wish I could get to play. (helps floppy – FLOPPY YOU”RE INSANE!

Shroud watches a bunch of twitch clips like the following:


biggest idiot

If I’m playing, I’m streaming

Crashing, running over…

A great day for the Doc

Oh Really

Wadu finds a chick

Business Offer


Shroud chats with chat

“If I was to live in another state it would be Texas. ”

“Closing date is in a couple months.”

“I want my first home, I want to go all out with it. It’s exciting because I get to do whatever I want. Because normally you don’t have a lot of land to work with. I can do some shit with my yard. No bunker. I’m just imagining fallout. Turrets and shit.”

Q: Have you ever considered doing steroids? No. No.

Q: Do you own a gun? No. I’d like to, but I clearly don’t care enough or I would have looked into it.

(Alhashmi dono: $500 – don’t forget the watch room.) The closet is the size of my room. One with a glass island where I can display my watches. I’ve always wanted that. I’ve seen pictures of that. It looks so clean. Glass island with the drawers.

I want to see hot ones – Kevin Hart catches a high eating spicy wings

$2k donos from Alhasmi today.

Watches another Hot Ones with Bobby Lee

And finally Terry Crews

I think I would die doing that, I cannot do hot like that. I think I would die. I would probably die. They’ve had so many people on the show and I’ve never heard of it. I don’t handle hot. I’ve never had hot wings. I like spicy, tapatio is great, it’s not really spicy. I can still eat I just wouldn’t be happy about it.

Is pubg up? Pubg has new stuff in it’s store.

Ok anyway I’m gonna call it on that note. I’ve been streaming 8 hours. That’s gonna be it for me, I gotta pack. I’ll do a morning stream. Thank you guys for watching. I’ll stream again Friday for the charity event.

Ended by hosting ShahZam

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Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Wednesday 7/18/18

Islands of Nyne Duos with Choco

Missed the first couple hours of the stream…

Shroud: “People say: mow my own lawn. That’s a good one.” Choco: “It’s not hard, take pride in it.” Shroud: “I guess.” “A roomba lawn mower hahah is that a thing? That’s dope! I can do that.” Choco: “Yeah I think it takes a while to setup.”

Shroud wearing a Madrinas shirt today.

I’m owning!

Shroud: “Does IO9 have leaning? No.” Choco: “Pubg is one of the only games I’ve played that has leaning.”

Choco: “One more last game?”

Shroud and Taco’s skins:

Shroud: “Imagine a BR without ADS, that would be a lot of fun. Just crosshairs like CS9. I’m a little biased though.”

“I think this is a game that would benefit from a good ping.”

Shroud: “The problem with this game is replayability. How to make it more fun. The core mechanics are unique. They gotta find a way over there.” Choco: “Yeah it gets a little boring.”

“Troy no no no no no. Well, he committed. Troy, you’re better than this. The dog just took a dumper. I was trying to get him to stop. Goddamnit man.” (Games some more… “He had a pistol!” “At least it was a log so I’ll give him credit. It’s a little baby poop. I’m going to take him out.” Choco: “Yeah I’m done anyway.”

Choco and Moses talking and playing Earthfall in background…

“I left that discord, I apologize.”

“Watch the Rainbow six video? Ok”

(Watching video LUL’s)

“That was pretty good actually. haha that was poggers right there. Haha. Oh man.”

“I want to play Rainbow 6 but I don’t know who’s also playing.”

Rainbow 6 Squads

Shroud’s Rainbow 6 crew:

MC_Jay444, I_am_ZAKO, Not.Ash-, Bnans, and KeisezrG (shroud)

“I’m so excited to get my own house I’m so excited! I’m trying to get pre-approved for a loan. I’m getting a load instead of buying with cash.” “We looked at some houses and narrowed it down to one in that model. A really popular one that might be gone in a few days. We’re hiring someone for the interior. We’re going to have a decent sized lot. These other homes are nice more modern and luxury but take a lot longer to be built. The other place makes all the houses and you buy as-is.”

“A thousand subs! Hey ya!”

He reached Rank 70

“I’m pretty sure I use muzzle break on Rook’s AR. (team agrees)”

“Is it weird I want to stay up all night?” “I just don’t want to sleep.”

Level 71 – Platinum II

“There’s a chance Plat 1.. there’s a chance!”

“Is R6 hard to learn? Yes. It’s better if you have a few buddies you can learn together. You have to lose to learn.” “Wise words haha.”

“I’m so slow.” “I’m learning.”

“I have a call tomorrow morning so I should probably not stay up all night.”

“I feel like I’m doing pretty good. We’ve won a few.”

Shroud: “Hitting people through rails is the worst.” Teammate: “That’s like my biggest pet peeve.”

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Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Tuesday 7/17/18

Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Thursday 7/12/18

All credit goes to

“2 hours left on ur TWITCH PRIME LOOT!”

Mike’s playing pubg solo.

Shroud’s skins today.

(Mike’s watching Troy all day today)

“It had to happen. I brought the water bowl upstairs. The dog didn’t come upstairs.”

New to streaming? Don’t try to force anything, y’know?”

Just9n heard Wadu’s real voice so let it be known, Wadu is a fake.

“300 subs!? Jesus! Welcome, everybody!”

“Alright, I’ll try to bring him upstairs (Troy).” “Alright, he found his water. Everything is ok. 40 more minutes until I give him his pill. (Troy’s sick) He’s learning to ring the bell when he needs to go to the bathroom.”

Test servers have a new gun, the QBU which is a DMR that replaces the MK14 on Sanhok

“Forget about the subs, your highest priority is getting the Deadmau5 skins.”

Troy has learned the art of humping. The vet said don’t neuter him for a year. Because he has a lot of German Shepard in him, it’s better. For being sick you sure like to play a lot. A kennel cough won’t slow down the broy.”

“You have all your toys. Why do you have to want stuff you can’t have? Little brat.”

“He definitely thinks the bell is a toy now. I thought about putting him in the kennel. It’s pretty scary when he’s in there. You guys would hear it.”

“I’m going to have to do it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I have to do this. (put Troy in Kennel)”

“Cmon viss (killed by TSMViss) why you gotta do that? He literally tickled me and I died. Him being in this spot there was nothing I could do.”

Shroud tickled by TSMViss

About Islands of Nyne: “It’s good! It runs pretty good, 100-150 frames. But it definitely plays better than more BR’s. When you play Islands of Nyne, it’s pretty stressful. you’re probably going to get owned. It’s just a game really really smooth movement, gunplay similar to counterstrike. If you get caught out for one second.”

“(hacker/flying car stream-sniper “weedwizard” starts flying around.) Hey weed wizard! Oh no I’m going to get run over.  Don’t run me over! He’s hard to hit he’s all lagging around.”

Easy player report- Shroud vs Taxi

“I don’t think he meant to do that. He normally doesn’t kill me. I’m going to have to accept it.”

“ION solos are looking a little more fun now. haha”

“Twitch prime skins has been extended. You got another day. No need to panic.”

“I should play realm royale. I think I’m playing in that 100k tourney.”

“I hate the fog. If there is one thing I don’t like about this map is the fog (Sanhok). It needs to go.”

Funny grenade kill

LUL dono rhyme

Rook killin it on the vocals

Sooo many streamsnipers

Everyone dropped on same island, shroud gets a shotgun, and chaos ensues

“I can’t do anything anywhere I go. F it!”

“They need to put in a delay while you’re streaming live. That’s like a must-have feature for twitch. No one’s going to stop their stream, start a delay and then start their stream again – no one. Delays kill channels. Anyone can check the stream stats. You don’t stream with a delay unless you have to (in a tournament). You can’t do that. Delays are not real. I think I have a 12 second delay. Not by choice, that’s just what it is.”

Alhashmi99000 with the $500 dono

366 subs at 3.5 hours for a total of 45315.

Thinks he’s getting a bunch of subs from Prime Day.

“I have to watch this (death by ?)”

Duos w/ Just9n

“To Just9n: How was your chat with Wadu yesterday?” “What? He was just saying waduheck.”

“A little sell-out about me.” plugs all his links when scrolling down on his twitch channel.

Just9n: “You can hit 50k subs if you just bang it out today”

“I had a dream I met Hugh Jackman.” Just9n: “Is he like an idol of yours? Huge Jackman.” “He talked Australian; it was magical. I think I was on his twitter before bed. Nothing sexual I swear.”

Stuck at the bottom of the stairs – from J9’s feed

Snipe City Bois

J9 stole a Woman T-Shirt

Shroud tk J9

Islands of Nyne Duos with Just9n

Another $500 dono from Alhashmi99000! Total is $2500 for the day….

“I think he’s 2k off from highest donor ever (Motar)”

Alhashmi with another $500 and then another, and then another! A total of $4000 in donos today. “I don’t know what to say. You’re going right here (top of the donor list).

Just9n’s voice broke again today and sound all deep. “You’re progressively sounding worse and worse.”

Now another $1000 – Alhashmi is now top donor!

Rainbox 6 with Himself-Jager, ObiMeowKatnobi, TheShape., Axis.-, and Shroud as KeisezrG

“How is everyone so good at this game!!” “That peek was excellent. There is nothing wrong with the peek!” “He just like one-shotted me!”

“Ok I got the alpha pack, I’m happy with that.”

“I got no headshots that game.” “It’s either get headshotted or die to the zone in pubg.”

“My food’s here already (5-guys burger)? That’s the fastest delivery I’ve ever seen. I love postmates over uber eats. Part of the reason I still live here in CA. I have postmate premium so orders over $20 delivery are free.”

“Is CS 1.6 worthy of buying today? Hell yeah! That’s a legendary title right there.”

(Gets killed) “This is crazy. This is crazy. Crazy.” “I don’t understand what’s happening. Everything is happening at the same time. They were everywhere.”

Eats food (nom nom nom).

Missed last 1/2 hour of stream, let me know if I missed anything.

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Shroud and playBATTLEGROUNDS Squad Showdown Recap

Shroud and playBATTLEGROUNDS Squad Showdown Recap Twitch Stream

All credit goes to

Getting setup!

Downtown L.A. – “The warehouse.”

Shroud, Dr. Disrespect, and Deadmau5 showing up in style

First unboxing:


4 new Deadmau5 skins in pubg available on prime day.

Interview with Deadmau5:
“There’s a non-disclosed cash value on Shroud’s head”

2 million dollar prize pool in Berlin event.

For this event: No kill points, just top 14 to get into the next round. Players will play as safe as possible. First map is Sanhok.

Interview with Jericho – will be playing with Diesel and a random fan

Top 14 players advance to games 2-6

Round 1 winner (event28) – 7 kills

Prizes after every game.

Ludacris draws with Team Shroud!

Here’s where the network lag kicked in, pretty much unwatchable for 2 hours. Stream went offline, for a while only Shroud’s stream would work, then Choco.

Choco streaming

Notice team #13 – Shroud playing as “badshroud”

Round 2:

Shroud taken out with 8 teams left. (killed by skadoodle)

Team Smack wins round 2. (SolidFPS final kill)

Kevin Smith – “Trust me to die while parachuting. I don’t know what Flank is. My teammates just say “Nades”. I started new show “Hollyweed” – it’s like Clerks but in a weed store. I act with words, it’s been exciting.”

Shroud started to stream at around 2:30:

Shroud: “Delayed 3 hours and we’ve only played 1 game…”

Here’s his skin:

Lots of lag and dropped streams but came back up at 3:pm

Round 3:

Lurn has a gift for Mike

DrasseL kills Shroud with 11 teams left.

Choco’s team got 2nd

Shroud: “We got hit by the crossfire. Everyone hitting the beers, we’re over this… We’re having a great time. I wanna hot drop, no one’s hot dropping! We should get everyone to drop in the same place. I wanna talk to all the captains. Drink on an empty stomach. I’m doubling up.”

Chad: “Do they have Coronas?”

Shroud: “I’m drinking this, it is gluten free though.”

Just9n sits in front of Mike’s camera, leans into the mic and says “Ya fuckin freaks!” “I’m just saying if I was playing this game… Mike can’t carry these kids? He’s fuckin bad. I’ve just been standing like a fuckin pleb over there.” Clip linked below:

J9 Roasting Shroud

J9: “This is the weirdest setup for a stream I’ve ever seen.” “Bitrate is hella slow.” “I’m not touching shit, I’m just waiting for mike to get back. You guys want to hear a story? Mike didn’t win, he’s bad.” “It’s actually a cool event. I regret not playing in it.

Shroud: “Game time.”

Round 4: Miramar

Shroud’s team drops on Hacienda

Shroud kills Skadoodle (revenge!) but the rest of his team gets wiped out. Chad kills Shroud.

At 9 teams remaining, Chad is still alive (solo). But then goes down to Vissgames.

Doc’s still alive.

Shroud hangin with ?

Shroud (to Chad): “That was dope.” Chad: “I was one HP”. ?: “You died honorably.”

Round 4 winners:

Winners interview:

“1st, 3rd, and 3rd, we’re the most consistent team playing. Yeah I’m a fan of Deadmau5, play with him all the time.”

Promo: – stream on twitch, you have a chance to play against your favorite streamers.

Viss and UFC’s “Break a leg Silva”

Round 5:

Shroud’s team goes down after a solid showing. 8 teams left I think.

VissGames holding tough until going down 1 vs 3 to ??

Deadmau5 DJ’s for the remainder of the stream

Chad bouncin

Doc: “The 2 time yada yada alongside Deadmau5! Woo!”

Link to the full event VOD’s here.

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Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Thursday 7/12/18

Shroud Twitch Stream Recap Thursday 7/12/18

All credit goes to

“We ffraggin?”

While AFK, shroud got big donations from Nepdoo: $1500 (Quality stream shroud4head)

chat blew up with shroud4heads

Question: is it easy to make money streaming?

“If you were to start streaming right now? No. It’s insanely hard. Once you get going and build an audience, you can do well. But everyone hits that plateau. ”

“That had to happen. Just9n said he is a beast right now. I can’t walk him for an hour right now”

Started streaming Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

“Does this game work now?” (Islands of Nyne) “Servers are live. It’s been a while. It kept my settings, cool. There are some skins that they gave me. Where do I put the code? Maybe I put the code on Steam? Honestly, I don’t care.”

“Oh my god their map looks different, wow!”

“I feel like there are way more trees”

“(Game is lagging hard) I know the game is good, but I can’t play. Holy F bro. It’s only getting worse. I seriously think they got overloaded. I am so shocked that the game is still up. Problems will happen of course. This is the worst. Their whole team should be like ‘shut it down’. Hit the button. (Dies) Stupid… I hope they can fix it real quick.”

“Doc was in your game. I know, I can read” “I’m sad. It should be more polished.” “They tweeted out.”

“If they fix it now, great. If it continues to be a problem then that’s unfortunate. They have ranks for solos, duos, and squads; neat. Change server to EU? Yeah, why not? Might as well give it a whirl. Let’s see how it feels. Oh no (more lag) oh no. haha, oh no… God, I wish. It sucks early access don’t work on launch. I know the core element works great. We just have to wait. It’s impossible to play. Let’s try NA again. This is disappointing. Apparently one of the devs said in discord that it’s a problem with the server, not the game. I’m capped at 250 FPS. I’m chillin. I don’t know what to do? Play something else and wait? I dunno. I’m not streaming tomorrow. Did they fix it? Once they shut down match making my game was fine.”

“I hate how stupid the stance is. I mean really?”

“I”m going to wait. I trust it will be ready in 10-15 minutes. I believe.”

“Did you hit the Diamond level last night? No.”

“I have so many C9 jerseys. I guess I can give them away.”

“I like that there is no leaning. I think the best games don’t have leaning. It’s like a cop-out as weird as that sounds.”

While waiting, shroud hit the test range.

“What the hell my ACog disappeared. That’s a bug.”

“The stuttering has been identified and is an issue with VIVOX, our VoiP provider. We are working to disable it and a Hotfix will be deployed soon. Thank you for your patience!”

“Ah that’s good they found out the problem. I’m ok without voip.”

“I don’t understand Nades in this game, nades are weird. Right-click is underhand. Ooohhh that makes sense.”

P90 spray pattern: “You’re not going to be able to hold that!”

“Is there hit scan? Hit scan at 10m, projectile spawns after 10m.”

“It’s crazy how many issues there are with VOIP.”

“Check out Hunney’s link. If you’re in the L.A. area you can win a ticket to the PUBG event.”

Honey Kreygasm
Moderator6-Month Subscriber
Want to see Shroud (and possibly Troy) live at tomorrow’s PUBG Event in LA? See the general chat in discord for details! To join, link your twitch account to discord and allow for sync. Giveaway ends at 6PM PST
“30 to 60 minutes until Islands is ready so I’m just going to play some casual Rainbow 6. Casual up!”
“I don’t think pubg wants to show how many players for NA, EU, and Asia. I think that ratio is all f’d.”
Played a little Rainbow 6: “I don’t even know where I am on this map, I’m literally running in circles.”
Back to Islands of Nyne.
It works! Well kind of, the zone doesn’t work. You have to wander around looking for people. “The bug is fixed, restart the match. I don’t want to leave with all this loot. They’ve added a lot of stuff.”
Game seems to be running well now. “If you see someone jumping it means they probably know what they’re doing. It’s scary stopping. If you stop you die. Each game is very quick. Top 10 gets a little scary once the zone gets small.”


“You die so fast in this game.”

“Hey I got a crate! At least they have something! What does pubg have? PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER.”

“I have no problem purchasing this game. $24. Crates are easy to get. There are pretty good skins in here. I like a pricetag on a game. I’m not a fan of free play. If you can’t handle cheaters put some money up. Cheaters ruin games. Epic had that problem, they cracked down on those cheaters. Pubg? Ehh. not so much.”

“My favorite place to drop is Harbor or Lagoon.”

“I like that you can’t hoard items. You can only have 3 grenades, three meds…”

“I feel like the FPS could be better. I swear it was better during the alpha test.”

“Looting mechanics are way better than they used to be.”

“I think 60 players is fine. If you’re confident at your game’s performance is good at 100 players. I think games would do better without 100 players”

“that was close…” And he gets his first Islands of Nyne win for the day:

Break time – take Troy out for a pee…

After break, tried to get back into another IO9 game but the queues were waiting.

“These queues are f’d. Come on let me just play one game here. It’s a little broken. The queues are super broken. You wait more than you play. It’s more competitive BR – like movement and aiming.”

“There’s a lot of loot, good fights. They need to make the start really fast. It used to run better like 2 months ago. It feels ok, it’s not that sick. Like I shouldn’t have 100 frames I should have 230. I just like how smooth it feels like in fights and gun-play. It feels like a serious shooter.”

“Overall I like the game but I don’t think it’s ready yet. Like competitively. Because of its frames.”

More Rainbow 6

“I played pretty good against those Diamond players, I’d say. – A pretty good game for me.

“Are you going to play Rainbow 6 until you’re unbanned? No, I’m still gonna play pubg.”

“I’m pretty sure that hacker got banned for a day. Maybe that was his first offense. He might be totally just be lying just to start shit, I don’t know”.

Here’s his Rainbow 6 team:

ObiMeowKatnobi, HannibalB, Macs_Miller, MC.Jay444, KeiszrG (shroud)

Shroud do you take drugs?

Shroud’s Rainbow 6 Level 66:

“Are you playing in the Squad Showdown tomorrow in L.A.? Yeah, I can’t wait to see twitch chat when I’m playing in it.”

Shroud and Just9n talking about a podcast – Just9n made a sketch of a tide pod and then the word “cast” for the logo. “I think we’re going to get sued.”

Then with OBS in both screens (shroud’s and Just9n) shroud started playing “Bustin” which repeated inception style.  (opened 15 youtube tabs playing the same song, then OBS with Just9n).

Ended stream by hosting Just9n

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